Complete Biography of Cixi

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Original title: Running 10: Zhou Shen challenges the Olympic champion, contracts the whole period to watch,

Yi Shunding's poetic talent is like the sea, and he has written countless poems in his life. What he is most proud of is the poems he wrote in those two years in Taiwan, which were compiled into four volumes. The titles are: "Soul North", "Soul East", and "Soul South". The rest of his life can be loved, and the taboo of soul West is to use "Soul Return" instead. They are collectively known as the "Four Soul Collections", which have already been engraved and published. Tsai Nai-huang just couldn't openly say how much silver he was going to give him, so he used this argument. When Yi Shunding was struggling for poverty, he naturally enjoyed the beauty of being an adult. He thought for a moment and said, "It's all on me!"! You can listen to my letter in the apartment. "Shifu!" Tsai Nai-huang asked, "What's in your bag of tricks that you're so sure of?" "The secret must not be revealed." Yi Shunding replied, "But if I can't find you, you'll miss your chance. You can't blame me." Tsai Nai-huang didn't know what kind of medicine he was selling, so he had to obey orders and stay at the inn along the West River every day, refusing to socialize and waiting for orders. So at noon on the fourth day, Yi Shunding sent a servant to deliver a letter with only five words on it: "Fly to Huixian Hall." Cai Naihuang did not dare to neglect, hurried to, Yi Shunding waiting at the door. Pulling him aside, he said, "Nanpi is going to ring the bell again today!"! The opportunity is very coincidental, Qingdi, Xiangcheng are present. Go back and take out your special skills and get wealth and honor in fourteen words. The so-called "bell" is a poem bell, Zhang Zhidong is the best way, in the curtain Yi Shunding, Fan Zengxiang are good,pipe cantilever rack, Cai Naihuang is not weak. Hearing Yi Shunding's words, he was suddenly enlightened, and a couplet saw that the reward could be expected, so he said, "Take wealth and honor from fourteen words." The opportunity is really a good opportunity, but "the prime minister's etiquette is absolutely not a hundred officials." I was an uninvited guest to break into the banquet. "Cai Naihuang hesitated and asked," It seems that the etiquette is not suitable. " No, no! I've already introduced you, and I'm not presumptuous. Besides,Pallet rack supplier, King Qing and Xiang Cheng, you are the most familiar person. At the thought of Yi Yan and yuan Shikai, Tsai Nai-huang felt that they had a close relationship, and that a small impoliteness was not a big problem. His courage was strengthened, but he still had to ask first, "Who are they?" "You'll know as soon as you go in!" "It's the first time I've seen Nanpi," Tsai Nai-huang urged. "Shih-fu, you must take care of me everywhere." "He Laoduo told me, please!" A look at the hall, a total of three tables, a table in the middle to celebrate Wang Yizhen first, left and right is the East Pavilion scholar Na Tong and yuan Shikai, Zhang Zhidong sat in the main seat. A table of five people in the east, the first is the left imperial censor Lu Baozhong, the other is four assistant ministers: Yang Shiqi, Guo Zengyu, Tang Jingchong, Industrial pallet rack ,radio shuttle racking, Yan Xiu. Seeing Tang Jingchong, Cai Naihuang felt slightly, because Tang Jingchong was the younger brother of Tang Jingsong, who was ridiculed as "Huaike's dream is short and eventful", and Cai Naihuang's past in Taiwan was naturally known to him. Fortunately, Yi Shunding arranged him at the table in the west. Before he was seated, Yi Shunding led him to the first table. Cai Naihuang paid his respects to him and shouted, "Wang Ye!" "Oh, you're here, too. Good, good!" Yi Yan then pointed at him and said to the master: "Xiangtao, this is Cai Bohao!" So Tsai Nai-huang turned around and paid his respects to Chang Chih-tung, who was looking askance at him. He said humbly, "It's been thirty years since I got to know Jing. It's really a comfort in my life." "Please be less polite!" "I've heard so much about it," said Zhang. "It is said that you have carved a" Poem Bell in the Garden ". Can you give me one?" "Zhongtang's words are heavy!" Tsai Nai-huang replied, "I'll send it to the mansion later. I'm afraid it won't be enough." Don't mention it, please sit down! I'll ask for advice later. Zhang Zhidong also said to Yi Shunding, "Shifu, today Wang Yeh has invited a group of people to take beautiful jade as the color. You have a good talent and can win with more. You are not allowed to do more today." "Zhongtang is always in trouble with me." "I'll only write four couplets," said Yi Shunding with a smile. There, there! One couplet per person. Pointing to the west, Zhang Zhidong said, "Please return to your seat." So Tsai Nai-huang saluted Na Tong and yuan Shih-kai, then went to a table in the east and said a few words before returning to his seat. At the same table, there was a strong rival he was afraid of. In the eighth year of the reign of Emperor Guangxu, Zheng Xiaoxu, who was in charge of Fujian in Baoting, was a giant in the world of poetry. Moreover, the poet Zhong Xiang ruled Fujian, and Zheng Xiaoxu was one of the top. I'm afraid it's a little difficult to make a big splash today. Zheng Xiaoxu was talking about the clock, and after Cai Naihuang had taken his seat and exchanged a few pleasantries with his colleagues, he took over the interrupted conversation and said, "One year in Fuzhou, it was my turn to be the main class, and I got the second song of'Female Flower '. These two words were too wide, so someone suggested that the collection of Tang poems should be limited.". The triptych of yuan, eye and flower is really amazing. One of the couplets of the Number One Scholar reads: 'All the young girls and the plain ones can endure the cold; the famous flowers are in love with each other.' ” "Good!" There was a chorus of approval. Not wanting to disturb the first table, Zhang Zhidong asked in a twinkling of an eye, "Must Su Kan have another masterpiece?" "Sukan is talking about the clock." Yi Shunding rushes to say: "The female flower two sings the limit collection Tang poem." "Oh, I'd like to hear it." This is the full house to listen. Zheng Xiaoxu retold the work of "Number One Scholar", and then said: "The second couplet is: 'The merchant woman does not know the hatred of national subjugation, and the fallen flower is like a person falling from a building!' ” "Not good!" Zhang Zhidong shook his head, "the words are not clear, it seems that this person's blessing is limited." "I am the same.". Not as high as yuan Zuo's meteorology, he has a lot of status. Yi Yi asked: "There is another couplet?" "There is another couplet which is really full of talent." Zheng Xiaoxu intoned in a loud voice: " 'The life of a goddess is a dream. When the flowers fall, I meet you again!'" ” "You said he was a talented person, and I said it was the tone of a poet.". The good thing about this couplet is that it was completed, but in the end it was inferior to yuan Zuo. Zhang Zhidong suddenly asked, "I've heard that when Bo Qian strikes the bell, he always comes to every club. Is that true?" "That's about it!" "Is there a particularly good work?" "Too many!" Zheng Xiaoxu thought for a moment and said, "Begging fans sing three times, and he wrote two couplets. One of them is, 'The remnant wine begs the neighbors to chat and get drunk. Where do you want to go when you get lost in the chaotic mountains?" The second is that'in the twilight, there is no way out; who is determined by hunger and begging for food! ' ” Without waiting for the chanting to stop, Zhang Zhidong was moved with compassion: "Could it be that Boqian is in such a difficult situation?" He looked at Zheng Xiaoxu and asked. Not so! It's just that I've been idle for more than twenty years,Warehouse storage racks, and I have a deep feeling! Zheng Hsiao-hsu repeated, " 'It's been ten years since I came to a play, and I've dreamed that Huai An would return as an official.'" ” "Is this also Boqian's sentence?" "Yes.". Mu An sings four times. 。