Running 10: Zhou Shen challenges the Olympic champion, contracts the whole period to watch, and the hot search topic bre

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Original title: Running 10: Zhou Shen challenges the Olympic champion, contracts the whole period to watch,

Original title: Why should I wear work clothes at work? What are the functions of work clothes? With the development and continuous progress of social economy, many enterprises attach great importance to the cultivation of corporate culture, among which the work clothes of employees are typical representatives, but many small enterprises do not realize the importance of work clothes. So the editor of Beijing Yilan will take you to understand why we wear work clothes at work and what is its function? 1. A good working environment Moisture absorption, water absorption, thermal insulation, ventilation, gas content, thermal conductivity, heat radiation resistance, water resistance,Medical Disposable Coverall, sweat resistance and other properties of enterprise work clothes fabrics. Protect the human body from external and internal pollution. Dust, soot, industrial gas and dust, etc.,CE Certificate KN95 Mask, which require work clothes to have the function of preventing these things from invading the skin. If it invades and stains the skin, it should be easy to wash off. In a specific environment, the work clothes should also be able to protect against mechanical external forces, harmful drugs, radiation and other hazards. 2. Maintain a clean workspace From the point of view of protecting the human body, work clothes are shell armor. The protection of work clothes is mainly manifested in two aspects: one is the characteristics of skin care and cleaning, including protection, washing resistance, Medical Full Body Coverall ,free shipping disposable coverall, anti-bacterial and anti-mildew, etc.; the other is the characteristics of body protection and anti-injury It is mainly manifested in the elasticity, toughness, softness, chemical resistance and heat resistance of the work clothes. Comfortable work clothes can improve work efficiency and reduce fatigue. Expand the full text 3. Expression Explain the corporate image. The style, fabric, pattern, color and sewing processing of work clothes form the aesthetic feeling of clothing. Achieve just the right coordination and moderation, giving people a sense of beauty. The color and luster of clothing material has a strong sense of love and hate of country, nationality, gender, occupation, personal character and temperament. Corporate image can be most vivid and reflected at any time and anywhere, first of all, the image of employees, work clothes represent a kind of "courtesy" of the enterprise to the public-respect for people. 4. Enterprise cohesion Only when an enterprise is United as one and shares a bitter hatred of the enemy, can the effectiveness of human resources of the enterprise be brought into full play. When the employees of the enterprise are proud of their own enterprise and feel that the enterprise is concerned about their own interests, they will naturally strengthen the centripetal force of the enterprise. Good work compliance enhances corporate pride and reflects the company's concern for the interests of employees. 5. Quality ? Lasting corporate culture Firstly, enterprise work clothes can also reflect the spiritual outlook of employees and reflect the cultural connotation of an enterprise. Secondly, the unique design of enterprise work clothes can also reflect the values of the enterprise, such as dark and conservative work clothes show the steady style of the enterprise, while bold work clothes in color and style design show the innovative spirit of the enterprise. The color and style of clothing indicate the identity of the wearer or the nature of the work performed. By customizing enterprise work clothes, to a certain extent, people can read out the information of enterprise reputation, service quality and so on. Therefore, work clothes are the strategic forerunner of the corporate identity image,Medical Disposable Coverall, effectively transmitting the personality and characteristics of the corporate, product and labor image to all the public who can accept the information, so that the society can enhance the emotional identity of the enterprise through the information transmission of work clothes. But not to be overlooked. That's why we wear work clothes. The above is the role of Beijing Yilan work clothes for you. I hope you like it : Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:.