collapsible bulk container

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If there is no trash can in our daily life, so all kinds of garbage will be messy, but also caused great burden to the sanitation workers.

If there is no trash can in our daily life, so all kinds of garbage will be messy, but also caused great burden to the sanitation workers. Summer is the season of a wide variety of fruits and vegetables incoming, the items collapsible bulk container of residual waste is easy to breed small flying insects, actually these small flying insects called fruit flies, they can take away the following methods: toilet water injection: because toilet water has a drive midge effect, around the trashcan and drive midge some toilet water spraying liquid, can prevent the breeding of small flying insects. Spray pesticides: spray into the garbage bags/barrel once a day, then put the garbage bag is snappy, can effectively kill bugs and eggs. Spray disinfectant, disinfectant and pesticides have different place, every time on garbage bags to spray two times inside, flying insects will not develop. If you don't like to spray the liquid, and trash can manufacturers suggest their rubbish not overnight, especially the garbage in the kitchen, to pour out in a timely manner.
Plastic trash can, new material purity, resistance to pressure, more solid good patience, strong resistance to fall off, the sanitation plastic trash can use is widespread, personalization, good toughness, from the materials and properties, plastic collapsible pallet box trash is polyethylene, poly (vinyl record and modified polyethylene as raw materials, such as plastic material has the waterproof, corrosion resistance and other characteristics, so that the plastic sanitation trash can stable performance and resistance to acid and alkali corrosion resistance.
General sanitation plastic trash can the choose and buy when the need to pay attention to the following aspects: if there is a clear plastic smell smell, plastic trash can will be made from recycled materials, hard to ensure quality. New foldable bulk container plastic trash can smell don't like this. Regular trash cans production factory production of plastic trash can not use recycled material. Price is lower than the market average plastic trash can, generally made of "dirty" trash can manufacture commercial recycling materials. This kind of short service life of the trash, smelly, different colors, easy to damage in transit.
Appearance quality of useless "see" calligraphy everyone must be aware of. This is based on. Plastic trash can, for example. If only choose a few good-looking, but ignore the appearance quality, it is difficult to guarantee its service life. Therefore, when the choose and buy should pay attention to the appearance of gloss and the thickness of the trash can. If too thin, the service life of it is not too long. You can use your hands to knead the trash inside, see the trash of elasticity. This new type of plastic trash can bounce, unless under the environment of high temperature deformation. At the same time, attention should be paid to the choice of raw material color as much as possible, don't choose the plastic bulk containers color of the coating, or in use process is easy to fade. Toughness is the key to the so-called toughness refers to the flexible plastic trash can. Some manufacturers choose inferior materials. The toughness of the plastic is hard plastic, so they are relatively poor. Once they are touch or the weather turns cold, they will break. And high quality soft plastic plastic toughness good, not easy to crack due to shock. Super toughness ensures the service life of plastic buckets.