Brass Threaded Fittings manufacturers

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Brass Threaded Fittings manufacturers Description The Brass Tee Plumbing Fittings are used to firmly connect the two pipes together. They are widely used in many home, industrial and business environments. Almost all industries use this kind of brass fittings. It is worth noting that the construction and manufacturing industries widely use copper pipes and brass fittings. This product is also an important part of the heating pipe in the home and office environment. This product is mainly used for various water supply and drainage schemes, pipeline connection and pipeline operation. The product plays a role in expansion, compensation, displacement, joint change, etc. The thread design makes the connection between pipes simpler. It is made of high-quality copper, with neat and durable interfaces. Features 1. Brass Tee Plumbing Fittings have high corrosion resistance, so it has a long service life. 2. They have high machinability, so it is easy to process. 3. They have excellent thermoforming properties, so it can be shaped into various shapes, which is very suitable for brazing. 4. They are easy to install and can connect various pipes. 聽Brass Threaded Fittings manufacturers website: