The Return of the Condor Heroes-Jin Yong _ txt Novel Paradise

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So when Zhang Yang followed the divine consciousness to find Li Yuhua,wire mesh decking, she came to the First People's Hospital again. The scene of the incident at the hospital was still sealed off, and the special agent was investigating Du Yaozu's ward. Li Yuhua saw that the

Practicing the sword like this for several days, Yang Guo's hand was not as heavy as before when he was carrying the epee. He struck the sword and swept it, gradually feeling handy. At the same time, I felt more and more that the swordsmanship I had learned before had changed too much, and there were too many tricks. I thought of the eight characters left by Dugu Qiubei on the bluestone, "The epee has no edge, and the great skill is not skillful". Among them, the realm is far better than the most ingenious swordsmanship in the world. As he fought with Shen Diao, he meditated on the castration circuit of the sword move, but he felt that the more ordinary the sword move was, the more difficult it was for the opponent to resist. For example, as long as the strength is strong and fierce, the power is far greater than the changeable and wonderful sword moves such as Jade Girl's swordsmanship. At this time, although he had only his left hand, he ate the snake gall that Shen Diao had collected from nowhere every day, and unconsciously his brawn increased sharply. One day, when I was walking in the valley, I saw three big poisonous snakes dead on the ground. Their stomachs were open, and the snakes were scratched with blood by their claws. I knew that the fruit I ate was snake gall. It's just that these venomous snakes are shining with golden light all over their bodies. I've never seen them before in my life. Naturally, I don't know their names. I thought to myself: Shen Diao is so strong that he must have eaten more of the snake gall of these strange snakes. After more than a month, he was barely able to fight against the amazing force of the divine carving. He sent his sword to stab, and the wind whistled. He couldn't help feeling gratified. Martial arts to this point, it is like climbing Mount Tai and small world, recall the past learned, quite a sense of insignificance. Then he thought, without the previous root, even if he had an adventure today,mobile racking systems, he would never be able to reach this situation. Shen Diao is always a beast who can't speak. He can induce guidance, but he can't give advice. Besides, Shen Diao can't say what martial arts he knows. He's just born with divine power. He follows Dugu to seek defeat for a long time. He often fights with him and remembers some ways to advance and retreat. When I got up early in the morning, the sky was full of dark clouds and the rain was pouring down. Yang Guo said to Shen Diao, "Brother Diao, are we still practicing martial arts in such a heavy rain?" Shen Diao bit his skirt, pulled him to the northeast for a few steps, then took a big step and jumped. Yang Guo thought to himself, "Is there anything strange in the northeast?" He took his epee and went with him in the rain. After walking for several miles, I faintly heard a roaring sound,Teardrop Pallet Racking, which was heard all the time. The more I walked, the louder the sound became. It was obviously a great sound of water. Yang Guoxin said, "Be careful after this heavy rain and flash floods!" Turning a gorge, the sound of the water was deafening, and I saw a waterfall like a big white dragon rushing down between the peaks, rushing into a stream, surging and thundering, turbulent and unusual, carrying branches and stones in the water, and then flowing to nowhere in a twinkling of an eye. At this time, the rain was even heavier, Yang Guo's clothes and shoes were all wet, and he looked around at the misty water, which was a spectacle, but when he saw that the mountain torrents were too fierce, he was slightly afraid. Shen Diao stretched out his mouth and pulled his skirt to the stream, as if to ask him to go down. "What are you going down for?" Asked Yang Guoqi? The water is so strong that I'm afraid it won't hold water. Shen Diao let go of his skirt and, with a long cry, push back racking system ,heavy duty cantilever racks, jumped into the stream and stood firmly on a huge rock in the middle of the stream. With his left wing in front of him, he beat back a rock that had been washed down by the upper stream. When the rock rushed down again, he waved his wings and hit it back again. After hitting it five or six times, the rock could not flow past it. By the seventh time down the river, Shen Diao flapped his wings and struck hard. The rock flew out of the stream and fell on the right bank. Shen Diao immediately jumped back to Yang Guo's side. Yang Guo understood and knew that every time there was a heavy rain in the past, he would go to the mountain torrents to practice his sword, but he didn't have the skill, so he didn't dare to try. He was hesitating, and the eagle's big wings stood out, brushed it, and brushed it on Yang Guo's buttocks. It stood so close that Yang Guo took it by surprise and fell straight into the stream. He hurriedly made a "thousand catties fall" and landed on the huge stone where Shen Diao had stood. As soon as his feet entered the water, the mountain torrents swayed him left and right, making it difficult for him to stand firm. Yang Guo thought to himself, "Elder Dugu is a human being, and I am also a human being. Since he can stand firm, how can I not?" He immediately held his breath and struggled to fight against the Rapids, but it was beyond his power to stretch out his sword and stir up the rocks carried by the mountain torrents. After spending a stick of incense, his strength was exhausted, so he stretched out his sword on the stone and jumped to the shore. He didn't catch his breath a few times, and Shen Diao waved his wings again. This time he was on his guard, but he didn't give it to him. He jumped into the heart of the stream and thought to himself, "This brother Diao is really a strict teacher and friend. He forced me to practice, but he didn't relax at all.". Since it has such a good intention, do I have no desire to make progress? As a result, Qi sank down and stood firmly. After a while, he gradually realized the method of condensing Qi and exerting force. Although the mountain torrents were getting bigger and bigger, they were soaking up to his waist, but he was not as difficult to support as before. After a while, the mountain torrents reached his chest and gradually rose to his mouth. "Although I'm already standing firm," said Yang Guoxin, "I can't be drowned." Had to jump back to shore. But when Shen Diao stood by the bank and saw him jump from the sky, he did not wait for his feet to fall to the ground and spread his wings. Yang Guo stretched out his sword to block the frame, but was pushed back to the middle of the stream by its force. With a splash, he fell into the mountain torrents. He stood on his feet on the boulder at the bottom of the stream. The water was over, and a large stream of water rushed into his mouth. If luck forces a big mouthful of water out, then the breath rises, and the soles of the feet will be empty. At that moment, the feet stand firm and no longer breathe. After a while, the feet jump into the air, and a water arrow shoots out of the mouth. Then it sinks into the middle of the stream, letting the mountain torrents rush through the top of the head, and the body stands like a mainstay in the water. He gradually calmed down and thought to himself, "Brother Diao told me to stand in the mountain torrents. If I don't use the sword to pick the stone, I will still underestimate it." Born to be competitive, he refused to lose face in front of a flat-haired beast. When he saw the branches and rocks in the stream, he raised his sword and pushed them upward. The rock was much lighter in the water, and the epee was not as heavy as usual when it was supported by water power, so it was very convenient to make a move. He picked at the thorns and struck until he was exhausted, and then he jumped back to the shore with false steps. He was afraid that Shen Diao would drive him into the water again. At this time, the soles of his feet were weak. If he didn't take a break, it would be difficult for him to resist the momentum of the mountain torrents. Sure enough, Shen Diao wouldn't let him stand on the shore. As soon as he saw him jump out of the water, he immediately raised his wings to fight. "Don't you want to kill me, Brother Diao?" Cried Yang Guo. He jumped back into the stream and stood there for a while, but he couldn't hold on. Finally, he went back to the bank. He saw the eagle raise his wings, but he didn't want to sit down and admit defeat. He had to stab back with his sword. After three rounds, the eagle was forced to take a step back by him. "Offend me!" Cried Yang Guo. He thrust his sword again, only to hear that hissing sound of the blade when it came out,heavy duty rack manufacturers, which was quite different from the past. Shen Diao saw that the tip of his sword was close, and he did not dare to take it, so he was forced to jump and retreat.