Fairy Doctor in the City

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So when Zhang Yang followed the divine consciousness to find Li Yuhua,wire mesh decking, she came to the First People's Hospital again. The scene of the incident at the hospital was still sealed off, and the special agent was investigating Du Yaozu's ward. Li Yuhua saw that the

Zhao Changben's death proved that he could not have committed suicide. The wound is in the left chest, directly penetrating the heart. The wound is very strange, and there are burns around it. It was a bit like a gunshot wound, but no cartridge case was found in the room, and there was no bullet in Zhao Changben's body. And rummaging through the room, he found nothing that could be used as a murder weapon, let alone a match with the wound. Even the Ministry of Public Security was shocked. More police were dispatched from Shanbei Province to Qingbo to control the scene of the hospital and the ghost hunting building, and even a special police officer directly led by the Ministry was sent to investigate the case. This special police officer is a master who has been strictly trained in martial arts. He belongs to the Ministry of Public Security, that is, the special service personnel of the Ministry of Public Security. He is only under the direct leadership of the minister. If it were not for this serious case, he would not have used such a level of special service. But the special service rushed to the ghost hunting building to examine the scene carefully, and could not judge how Zhao Changben's wound was caused, but he was sure that it was not a gunshot wound. And with his little experience, he can't find out how the perpetrator got in. Therefore, it is suspected that there is an inside thief. It turned out that the police officers in charge of Zhao Changben in the Shannan Provincial Public Security Department had all become suspects. But for a moment, it was impossible to judge who had done it. Fortunately, the police of Shanbei Province have arrived and taken over the work in an all-round way, and it is estimated that the thief can no longer play a role. The special agent carefully checked the scene of the building, but there was nothing valuable to find, so he asked people to send Zhao Changben's body to the morgue of the hospital first. The special agent also rushed to the First People's Hospital to investigate the scene and check the three bodies killed last night,asrs warehouse, hoping to find a trace. By this time, Li Yuhua had left the hospital and rushed to the ghost hunting building. The scene in the ghost hunting building was also controlled; the floor was sealed off. There was a seal on the door, and there were police in the hotel from Shanbei province. But because it has been carefully checked many times, even the special police of the Ministry of Public Security have come to check, and the body has been taken away, the management is not so strict. Li Yuhua sneaked into the hotel and quietly went up to the roof while people were not paying attention. Because the floor of the crime was the top floor, Li Yuhua wanted to go down from the roof, but after careful observation,industrial racking systems, the windows of the whole top floor were closed tightly, and it was not easy to get in. But this matter is related to her father's revenge, she can not let the father's enemy go unpunished, even if the difficulty is great, she can not ignore. At this time, Li Yuhua thought of Zhang Yang. Every time I encounter a difficult problem, it seems that it will be solved by publicity. Li Yuhua had the impulse to call Zhang Yang, but think that Zhang Yang was pulled away to the capital to save people. For him, a doctor, saving people is his duty, and punishing criminals should be his duty as a policeman, always can not let publicity save people, but help from the bow to arrest people? So Li Yuhua gritted his teeth, did not contact Zhang Yang, warehousing storage solutions ,mobile racking systems, and carefully searched for ways to enter the scene. In the end, there was no way out, and Li Yuhua soon found that he could enter the room through the central air-conditioning duct. So Li Yuhua went into the room along the pipe. Unfortunately, she also did not find anything, even the special police from the Ministry did not find anything, not to mention that now the bodies have been taken away, the scene has long been turned over, and even the blood has been cleaned up. Of course, even after cleaning, there will still be traces. Li Yuhua is also a veteran of criminal investigation, and naturally he will not let these go. Take a closer look. The only thing I found was that there was a little blood on the edge of the pool of blood on the carpet, which was obviously not spattered blood, because it was obviously scratched by a finger. But it was only two horizontal and one vertical, a bit like a local character. In fact, of course, the secret service also saw this trace. In his opinion, that trace should be left by Zhao Changben on his deathbed. Maybe he wanted to write something, but unfortunately he was too badly hurt. He died before he finished writing. It's hard to tell what he's going to write. Judging from the strokes, it may be "soil" or "abundant." It's just that he can't judge what it means? However, Li Yuhua is very sure that what Zhao Changben wanted to write was not soil, nor abundance, but poison. Because she felt that this matter must have something to do with Du Yaozu. Du Yaozu's appearance on the road is called "poison". Although Du Yaozu was a man who had been shot in the net, it was hard to believe that he could still kill people. But Li Yuhua is sure that this matter is related to him, now saw Zhao Changben wrote these two horizontal and vertical, she concluded that Zhao Changben wanted to write a "poison" word. This matter must have something to do with Du Yaozu. After searching the scene and finding nothing else, Li Yuhua remembered Zhao Changben's body and sneaked out of the room. Li Yuhua wants to find some clues from Zhao Changsheng's body, but according to the convention, the body should be examined by the forensic doctor of the Public Security Bureau. On the one hand, Li Yuhua did not know exactly where the body was, and on the other hand, he did not have a police certificate now, so it was difficult for him to sneak into the police station to find the body. However, when Li Yuhua came out and passed the room where the police in Shanbei Province lived, he overheard the police complaining that he had promised to stay at home with his wife to celebrate their wedding anniversary today, but he was transferred because of a case in a neighboring province. It would have been a case in their own jurisdiction, but this case is not only not in their own province, but also directly responsible for the Ministry. Even if you break yourself, you don't have any credit: but if something happens, you will be responsible. Another policeman said forget it, the Ministry attaches so much importance to the case, or look at it honestly, do not have any problems. So the previous one said that the death of this person was really strange, and he did not know why he was not sent for an autopsy. Instead, he was sent to the morgue of the hospital. The other explained that they might not trust the police in Shannan, otherwise they would not have to be transferred. Li Yuhua did not listen to the latter words. As soon as she heard that Zhao Changben's body had been transported to the morgue of the hospital, she decided to go to the hospital to look for the body. So when Zhang Yang followed the divine consciousness to find Li Yuhua,wire mesh decking, she came to the First People's Hospital again. The scene of the incident at the hospital was still sealed off, and the special agent was investigating Du Yaozu's ward. Li Yuhua saw that there was no chance, so he quietly touched the morgue. jracking.com