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Need to comply with the provisions of the plastic pallet boxes stowage. Such as, with a batch of cargo loaded each plastic tray box need consistent

Need to comply with the provisions of the plastic pallet boxes stowage. Such as, with a batch of cargo loaded each plastic tray box need consistent, quantity and weight can't have more with less. Different consignee and the goods cannot be mixed in a plastic tray box. Plastic tray box plane shall all be loaded goods, yards his flat, and edges are to be flat, the corners of a 90 - degree, the top level. In plastic pallet supplier addition to the original head logo on the package, also need to be in the sides of the plastic tray box forklift fork arm insert brush with plastic pallet box cargo gross weight, the port of destination and quantity of plastic pallet box and number sign, each plastic tray box the gross weight of the cargo weight must not exceed the regulations.
Dynamic load refers to the tray in the use of motor forklift or manual hydraulic pallet truck, sports can carry the maximum weight (normal curvature is less than 1.5%). Under the static load is to point to in the stack, the plastic tray can withstand maximum weight. Also: shelf bearing refers to the plastic tray of the packed goods placed on the shelf when can withstand maximum weight (normal curvature is less than 1%). Standard series tray on the shelf when can load 0.4 T ~ 0.6 T, overloading series tray can load 0.7 T ~ 1 T.
Plastic pallet use include: ground turnover, used shelves, stacking, etc., the use drum spill containment of different methods to choose the suitable plastic tray design. If it is the ground turn over, not on the shelves, not stacking, picks: nine feet, sichuan words, field type, if they are on the shelf, the preferred: sichuan fonts (steel tube), if the stacking, picks: double-sided plastic tray.
As time advances gradually upgrade products, packaging and transport requirements also more and more high, the purchase of plastic tray with the internal packaging materials and demand for use in many fields has been inseparable, in short while plastic tray in the market and use accounts for a considerable proportion, but the use of plastic pallet is indeed an indispensable component of the overall market, pay attention to the problem is that according to the specific characteristics of the cheng fang goods to select the right materials and features to meet the requirements. Due to the high strength blow molding tray selection of plastic raw material cost is high, the processing technology of high difficulty, exceptionally long lifespan of the product, can achieve 5 ~ 10 years. Of course the price will be higher when a purchase, but comprehensive use cost is low. Need high strength when using, choose this kind of high strength blow molding tray. According to spill plastic pallet the using environment is divided into: weeks transformation on the ground, and known as the ground of the activity; Packing type (heap type); Light; Heavy duty; Disposable plastic tray.