Born in Daughter Country: Muxu Flower

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Murmuring in his mouth,american hot tub, Ruan Qing gently pressed his lips against the wooden comb. It was also on the day of departure that Ruan Qing first met Jin Xilin, the "Monarch of Harmony", whose noble spirit could not be desecrated.

"Luo Feng finished, called in the palace slave, left the jade algae palace, the son is not dejected sitting on the chair, a heart suddenly become cold, is, out of the palace is just a dream of their own?"? Chapter 54 Ruan Mansion, Ruan Jingxin looked at Ruan Qing with a dignified face. "Qing'er, you are thousands of miles away. Remember to think twice before you act. Don't act rashly." Ruan Qing hurriedly replied, "Mother, I should be careful." Ruan Jingxin said with concern, "It's better to take a few more people to go, so far away, I'm not at ease." Ruan Qing's eyes were hot, and her mother's love always made her feel sad. It was a kind of love that she was afraid of losing again. She whispered, "Daughter can only take her alone. There are already a lot of people in the mission. Besides, there should be no problem to go to the general." Ruan Jingxin shook his head. "General Shang will only follow you to Qingyang City. He won't enter the Kingdom of Hammer. Don't you know?" Ruan Qinglue thought about it and smiled, "My daughter is confused. How can a general of our country go to a neighboring country? He will certainly stop at the border." Ruan Jingxin said, "In the other courtyard in the suburbs of Beijing, Niang also has a guard with strong martial arts skills. There are about twenty people. You can take them with you." Ruan Qing did not refuse again, bowed his head and said, "Yes." In fact, Ruan Qing knew best how worried her mother was about her own safety. Although she had become a special envoy for marriage, it looked very beautiful on the surface, but in fact it was not all like that. Besides,massage bathtub manufacturers, Ruan Qing and the four empresses of today's regent hammer still had the hatred of seizing her husband. It was hard to guarantee that she would not take the opportunity to do something to Ruan Qing. Back to Qingya Xiaozhu, she saw Yuxiao preparing things for herself. Yuxiao was already pregnant for three months, and now she looked calmer. Seeing that Ruan Qing had come near, Yu Xiao smiled at her, "You'd better take this little thing with you." Under the shining candlelight, a slightly yellow piccolo lay quietly in the palm of his hand. This is the first time Ruan Qing went to the western border, jade Xiao let her bring to Ruan Qing, Ruan Qingcai later learned that it was jade Xiao afraid of what she had, as a rescue with the piccolo,indoor endless pool, this piccolo is most popular in the desert and mountain areas, do not know where he learned at that time, he cut a red line with bamboo, afraid of Ruan Qing jokes, First let her take it on her body and then give it to Ruan Qing, but when Ruan Qing came back and knew the use, he took it off and put it in the drawer, and today he turned it out and showed it to Ruan Qing with a smile. Ruan Qing's heart is hot, "fool, no matter how to say, I am also a special envoy, but also go with many people, rest assured, nothing will happen, you don't think so much, the most important thing for you is to take good care of your body, wait for me to come back, do you know?" Yu Xiao bit his lower lip, hot tub wholesale ,outdoor whirlpool, raised his sparkling eyes, and said with a smile, "OK, but you still have to bring this to me." With that, he stubbornly put the piccolo in his hand on Ruan Qing's neck. Ruan Qing looked at his actions gently and waited for him to take care of himself. He grabbed his hand with his backhand. "In the days when I'm not at home, I should pay attention to a good rest, eat more, and not be cranky. Can we raise our baby fat and strong?" Yu Xiao's face turned red. He patted Ruan Qing's outstretched hand and said with a smile, "I know. You can rest assured." Since Ruan Qingxu gave him this child, Yu Xiao's heart has never been stable, he knows that in the future, regardless of life and death, their blood and love are linked together, because this child is the continuation of their feelings. It was a quiet night, with a faint fragrance of flowers flowing in the air. Inside the maple dew, Yuxiao had fallen into a deep dream, but Ruan Qing was not sleepy at all. After nearly two years of separation, I don't know how he was. This time I must find a chance to see him. Cloud, cloud. In my mind, the man's eyebrows and eyes slowly emerged, and my heart was like being hit by a heavy hammer, twitching with pain, forget it? I'm afraid I haven't forgotten him for a moment. No matter how many people come and go, I can't forget him all the time. I remember him. I remember that I chased him back in the snowstorm. I remember that he came to the rescue on the battlefield regardless of his own safety. I remember his tearful eyes and his painful call. Ruan Qing closed his eyes. He was always there, in the deepest corner of his heart, waiting for her all the time. Ruan Qing's breathing fluctuated, she slowly climbed up, see Yu Xiao really sleep heavy, then gently put on clothes, walk out of the door. Yu Xiao waited for her to close the door, then slowly opened his eyes, how can not compare is not it? He has always occupied the most important corner of her heart, if she does not go, it will be the pain of her life, no matter what the result is, for her, there is an answer, perhaps she will not sigh, pain, regret. In the light night wind, Ruan Qing slowly walked into the Angelica dahurica room. Everything inside was still the same as when he was there. Since he left, she still asked people to clean it every day. During the time after he left, she came to this room every day. Every time she came, she felt as if he was still here, sitting in front of the dressing table and looking at himself with a smile, standing in front of the window and looking at himself. Later, as time went on, she became more and more sober. Her cloud was gone. Her cloud and herself were thousands of miles apart and could never be seen again. So every little thing he left behind would bring her deeper pain. Gradually, she dared not come again. But today, she came to his room again, looking at the traces he left in the room, and the deep pain in her heart drowned her like a tide. Cloud, are you all right? Picking up a wooden comb he had used and rubbing the pattern of Mandarin ducks playing in the water on it, Ruan Qing's heart fell into his memories little by little. Wait for me, wait for me. Murmuring in his mouth,american hot tub, Ruan Qing gently pressed his lips against the wooden comb. It was also on the day of departure that Ruan Qing first met Jin Xilin, the "Monarch of Harmony", whose noble spirit could not be desecrated.