Empress Strategy

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Don't worry! I have just been paying attention to the expression of the queen, and usually no different. Prince, be more careful in the future. The queen will find every opportunity to advise the emperor to abolish you.

"How to blame him." I shook my head, and Tianhuan's face made me feel calm. Tian Huan patted Zhao Xian on the shoulder and said, "You love to say, princes, generals and ministers, would you rather have guts?"? This is what the bandits used to say when they were rebelling. Don't say it openly anymore. "Your Majesty, princes, generals and ministers, are you really without a seed?" I raised my face and asked Tianhuan. Tian Huan lovingly took out the silk and wiped away the sweat from the tip of my nose. His misty eyes were like green lotus across the gauze curtain, quiet and tolerant. He turned to Zhao Xian and said seriously, "Zhao Xian, for the sake of the queen.". You remember my promise at this moment: if you can complete all the tasks in the Jiangnan Campaign in the future. When the world is unified, I will make you the only king with a different surname in this Dynasty. Zhao Xian was so frightened that he knelt down to refuse. Tian Huan and I looked at each other and said softly with a smile, "Zhao Xian, there's no need to refuse at the moment.". You have a long way to go to fulfill these responsibilities, so it is not too late for you to refuse. If I were you, I wouldn't refuse. The era in which birth is the only life in the world has passed. Not only military commanders, but also civil servants. The moon was hidden in the trees of Wisteria, and the stream around the house was crisp and bright. A breeze, a curtain of flowers, a crow, tea. Zhao Xian wants to rush back to the barracks, leaving only us. Shangguan's illness was strange,hot tub manufacturers, and he was in a hurry, and he himself could not explain the reason. I am quite worried, but his words are so taboo, how can I ask again and again? "I think there are more cloud ladies in the Southern Dynasties.". I'm afraid the rotten castle will collapse faster, but we will have to work harder. Shangguan said, "The picture you brought doesn't seem to be fake.". But Xiao Zhi and Mei Xiasheng are really not simple characters. I think it's too easy for you and me to pacify Mobei and Hexi all the way. That's why God gave birth to these two people. Let's have some fun. Tian Huan smiled proudly. "I want to get rid of Xiao Mei. There are several ways, but I don't want to use them at the moment." "Now you're talking about benevolence, righteousness and morality." Shangguan did not know whether it was sarcasm or exclamation, and his lips smiled coolly. Forget it,whirlpool bathtub manufacturers, I am the least benevolent and moral person in the world. But now if I destroy the South at one stroke, the North is not ready yet. Chaos, then once I die of old age and illness, this is just a short-lived Dynasty like the Qin Dynasty. I turned my face and Tianhuan pressed my hand. Shangguan laughed and said, "You are a man of foresight.". It's a pity that I can only accompany you for a few years. When I leave, this other business will be given to the royal family to set up an Academy. "Academy?" I asked. Yes, in addition to Taixue, the country should also encourage the opening of academies, so that the vast number of aspiring children can study Confucianism. I am not good at communicating with people, and I don't want to stay in Zhongnan Mountain near Chang'an in the future. So I will not be the teacher of the second person except Professor Tai Yi. Wait until the day I leave. Shangguan looked at Tianhuan and said, "You don't want to see me off. You have to promise. Don't look for me from now on." My heart moved, good night, why did he mention that ten-year appointment? Tian Huan's face floated with the clear light of ice, and his lips moved, but he could not make a sentence. I am a little distressed, as far as possible with a relaxed tone of banter: "Sir, Whirlpool bathtub ,outdoor endless pool, can not come to you, write a letter to you?"? Or do you write a letter? Shangguan firmly said: "No.". If I go, I'm gone, and Tianhuan you. Shangguan did not finish. He seems to call him "Tian Huan" for the first time. Tian Huan stood up and said, "If you go, who can stop you?"? If you told me not to look for you, why should I keep an eye on you? Shangguan clear eyes, straight to him, he also slowly got up, said softly: "Yes, you drunk embrace beauty, wake up the world, do not need to stare at me.". Just don't deceive yourself and others in the future, even if there are beautiful people in Jiangshan. In the end, you have to face yourself. When you were in Qingcheng Mountain that year, you clearly knew my ambition, and let Xiaodu test me with high officials and rich salaries. I never blame you, but I didn't forget. I'm sorry. And this time you're right. The voice suddenly stopped. Tian Huan closed his lips tightly, as if he could not understand, and as if he understood very well. Shangguan looked outside the door and flicked the ash off Tianhuan's shoulder with his hand. "Hey, I don't know whether to humiliate you or myself.". Let me say that you are more sad than I am. In this era, you are destined to be the center of thousands of miles of rivers and mountains, while I am just a cloud in this painting, a green peak, or just a dark and unknown part of the painting. Don't think I'm not happy to be a foil. As long as I can appear in your painting, I will be happy. I just advise you not to be too confident, Tianhuan. I went out for a walk, and you took early summer to my mother's room to rest, and I had just packed up. You know where to bathe. Tian Huan called him, "It's going to rain..." Shangguan walked several steps, then returned to take an umbrella, looked at me with some guilt, and said to Tianhuan: "I know, turn around and come back." Shangguan's mother's room is neat and elegant, and there is no bleak master who has been dead for many years. An octagonal glass lamp. A few lilies are stuck in the bed. Ink-colored plum blossoms are painted on the snow-white paper. When I finished washing in a hurry, Tianhuan was sitting in front of the book case, staring at the wall in a daze. I hugged his back, and a smell of cardamom came to my nostrils with the change of clothes. "Tianhuan, don't take it to heart. My husband is ill, so he said so much. If you mind, he will be sad." But Tianhuan replied, "Fool, I don't mind.". I was in a daze because of the old painting on the wall. I don't know who wrote it, but it's old and the seal is blurred. I looked carefully, and there was a small lotus picture hanging on the wall. In the picture, the heavy lotus is graceful, a solitary stem attracts green, two shadows share red, dragonflies lean against the fragrance of flowers, meaning very tender and tired. On the side of the picture, there is a running script: "You were born before I was born. I was born when you were old. I hate not to be born at the same time. I am good with you every day." "It's beautifully written,jacuzzi manufacturers," said Tian Huan. "It's much better than the picture." It is raining outside the window. The rain hit the window screen, and the cold mountain wind got into the window screen, blowing the plum blossoms on the paper. monalisa.com