Fat Sword Strange Monk Record-Little Tilia _ txt Novel Paradise

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Don't worry! I have just been paying attention to the expression of the queen, and usually no different. Prince, be more careful in the future. The queen will find every opportunity to advise the emperor to abolish you.

Also do not know how much time to struggle, the little bitter son has no time in his mind, only feel that the wind seems to be a lifetime will never stop. Suddenly, he heard the wind in his ears fading. At first, he thought it was a hallucination. He couldn't believe it. It took him a long time to open his eyes. Just now, because of the heavy wind and snow, he had been closing his eyes. He saw that the wind had suddenly stopped, and he didn't know where it had gone. And he's still alive. The wind really comes and goes quickly. Little bitter son looked around, only snow around, in addition to snow or snow, a dazzling white. There is no direction between heaven and earth, no reference, no everything. His heart is also empty, there is a kind of escape from death, but do not know what to do with the rest of his life. He was worried, but there were no tears in his eyes. He couldn't bear the emptiness. He couldn't bear the big house of his grandfather's house and the gloomy and rigid faces of the people in the house. He loves to talk and laugh, the sound of fighting in the world, and he loves the fragrance of the green vegetables in the pot. That's why he escaped. But one of his playmates, whom he had so easily found, was so lost. He looked down at his right hand,China spa factory, which had just been held by Xiao Yan. Although it was cold, it seemed that there was still a trace of warmth left. So he could not help shouting: "Xiao Yan, Xiao Yan.." Young master, young master.. Where are you? Shall we stop playing and hide the cat? Come out quickly! The sea of snow is boundless, and there is no echo. Little Yan'er, did he get away with this? But he was determined to pull him to this damn Liaodong. Suddenly there were tears in the eyes of the little bitter son, but the tears came out, and before they reached his cheeks,whirlpool hot tub, they were frozen and turned into ice beads. The little bitter son raised his sleeve and casually wiped it on his face. He felt his eyes were swollen and painful. Knowing that his eyes had been stabbed by the snow, he whispered to himself, "He will be all right. How can a person I know be so unlucky?"? My little bitter son is an evil spirit whose root is right and whose life is hard, whose blessing is great and whose life is great, whose gods come to avoid gods and whose ghosts come to avoid ghosts! We just got separated for a while, and we can always find it. Then he stretched out an index finger and shaved his face. "How old are you?"? Still cry, shame to death, shame to death! Optimistic by nature, he sang and did something by himself, and his mood actually turned better. Then he sang at the top of his voice: "Emperor of Heaven, Emperor of Earth, there is a noisy Yelang in my family.". "Little Yaner, you call me three times, the corner of the world is easy to discuss." His voice was broken, jacuzzi suppliers ,outdoor whirlpool, and the song was sung by him without any charm. But his heart was warm, and after singing that song, the snow in his eyes was no longer snow-it seemed that all the things covered by snow, mountains, rocks, grass and trees were moved by him and grinned. So he grinned first, and went on with his crooked song, which was out of tune and had changed its words. As he sang, he dismounted to take his bearings so that the horse could rest, and suddenly a low, faint groan came into his song. Little Kuer was stupefied for a moment. Then he clapped his thigh and jumped up, shouting, "Little Yan!" After he jumped up, his mouth didn't stop. He hissed in the strong wind and said, "My good young master, you can't help tossing and turning too much. It's just a little windy. The little bitter son didn't even move an eyebrow. You even called out the voice of the little girl." His eyebrows really did not blow-because his eyebrows had been frozen by the sweat wrapped in snow seeds, frozen to death into two anti-twisted lines of disobedience to heaven and earth. The little bitter son heard the sound behind a snowdrift. He looked for the sound and saw a figure lying on the ground far away. A horse was lying beside the figure. No more than a hundred paces away, the figure was moaning from itself. With one foot deep and one foot shallow, the little bitter son dripped in the snow. He kept joking and patted his frozen leg and said, "Hey, we are really friends made of iron. It seems that you really want to be my young master for a lifetime, and I really want to be your son for a lifetime. I can't break it up in such a strong wind. Pity my little bitter son is so smart that he has to be bullied by you for a lifetime. It's bitter!" He cried out bitterly, and if anyone saw his eyes at this time, I am afraid they would feel that the smile had jumped out, and in this world of ice and snow, the snow was so hot that people's hearts were hot. The man who fell to the ground was dressed in light clothes, with some soft fox hair showing at the collar, shaking in the afterwind. The little bitter son took a look at the animal first, and knew that it must have been frozen to death. His eyes were so swollen and painful by the snow that he did not dare to open them. He just squinted and moved forward. The snow on the ground was too white for him to approach, so he lifted the body of the lying man and turned it over. He knew that Yan Xianmei had always been stiff, and if he hadn't fainted from the cold, he wouldn't have groaned. He didn't look carefully. He patted the man twice on the face, then reached out to feel his heartbeat, and with the other hand went to the back of his coat to look for the medicinal liquor. "Young master," he said, "you still don't allow me to bring wine. Look, what do you expect to warm your life now?"? Ha ha, my little bitter son has always been prophetic, more clever than that Lu Banxian. I expected you to freeze, and I expected this white hair wind even more. Holding the wine in his hand, he suddenly felt his tentacles were so soft. "Young master, what did you poke in your arms? It's so soft. Are you pretending to be a little girl?" He was curious, but his eyes were swollen and painful, but he did not open them. He rubbed them twice and felt that the man's face, which was pressed against the snow, was faintly angry and snorted twice. He thought that Yan Xianmei hated him for teasing him. He could not help laughing and said,whirlpool hot tub, "I know you are unhappy, but do you have the strength to scold me now?"? Do you have the strength? If I don't take advantage of the present, how can I find a chance to be poor with my little bitter son's natural sharp mouth? 。 monalisa.com