Funeral After Funeral _ Ghost Horse Star _ txt Novel Paradise

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Don't worry! I have just been paying attention to the expression of the queen, and usually no different. Prince, be more careful in the future. The queen will find every opportunity to advise the emperor to abolish you.

I went to talk to the two men. They've all admitted it. Zheng Bing looked at Moran and said. Admit it? Gao Jing put in a word. "Of course it's not that easy. It took me a little effort to get them to finally admit that they hit someone five years ago.". They said that they did not know the person who was beaten, only that the person offended Bai Lisa, Bai Lisa asked them to beat people, Bai Lisa also gave them a picture, the reward for beating people is 3000 yuan each. I've got the place and the time right, yes. Zheng Bing paused for a moment and calmly said to Moran, "You're right, it was Lisa Bai who did it." Zheng Bing finally got a valuable confession, and Moran saw a little joy on her face. You can tell your brother the truth now. Moran smiled gently at her. Yes Zheng Bing also showed a rare smile. "They also told me one thing. They said that they had left two people to cut off my brother's ears or something. This was what Bai Lisa told them. But then a hag came out of nowhere and punched and kicked them, shouted and scolded them, and finally beat them away." Zheng Bing said here with a sigh, "I don't know who this woman is. If I meet her, I should really thank her." When Moran heard this, he couldn't help looking back at Gao Jing, and they both laughed at the same time. What are you laughing at? Zheng Bing looked at this and that, with a puzzled look on his face. "Do you know who she is?" Zheng Bing,indoor endless pool, isn't she your brother's new girlfriend? She's my cousin. Moran explained with a smile that it was time to pierce the window paper. Is it? ' Zheng Bing was frightened. "But they said she was a hag. How could my brother like such a person?" Zheng Bing's surprised expression amused Moran, and before she could defend her cousin's appearance, she heard Gao Jing interrupt there: "Jonah is not ugly, just fierce." Jonah?! Zheng Bing opened his eyes wide and roared loudly, almost shaking down the chandelier of the whole cafe, and the other guests turned their heads to look at them. Zheng Bing,jacuzzi swim spa, will you be gentle? Moran smacked the table with his little fist and whispered a reminder. Zheng Bing's voice immediately became an octave lighter. I know Jonah! The archivist of the General Bureau, with a big hair, who can smoke! I also talked to her twice. Very impressed. Zheng Bing lowered his body and said, with some excitement in his voice. What did she say to you that impressed you so much? Moran asked with interest. She talked to me. Zheng Bing looked at Gao Jing, as if a little difficult to say, "the problem of constipation.". At that time, there was another policewoman in the office. She seemed to have some contradictions with her husband. Jonah was enlightening her. "How was it enlightened?" Asked Moran, who knew that her cousin's words were always symbolic. That policewoman disrelish her husband is too rough to want to separate with him. "Zheng Bing again embarrassed to look at Gao Jing, obviously she felt a little embarrassed to say this in front of him, but she still said," Well, massage bathtub manufacturers ,garden jacuzzi tub, Jonah said, a man's desire is the same as stool, regular and quantitative is the best, let him pull randomly, will hurt the body, but don't let him pull, he can't do it. We have to rely on drugs and tools, which not only take time, but also cost money, and may not be able to cure. If it's really cured, you can't stand it. It's too much and it doesn't taste good. When Zheng Bing said this, he was already laughing, and Moran felt that Zheng Bing's smile was actually quite beautiful. She's really there. Gao Jing did not look at Zheng Bing, but looked elsewhere and giggled. Is Jonah really my brother's girlfriend? Zheng Bing asked Moran with a look of disbelief. It's true. Your brother loves her very much. Moran said at once. Zheng Bing burst out laughing: "I didn't expect that my brother took a fancy to Jonah. I really didn't expect.." Do you have a problem with that? Dissatisfied with my cousin? Moran asked her. An accident? Just an accident. The two of them should hit it off. Ah, I didn't realize my brother's girlfriend was Jonah. Jonah is good. She must be a special sister-in-law, at least not a poser. "Zheng Bing was completely immersed in the excitement of the new news. She pointed at Moran and said," No wonder you knew about my letter. You asked Jonah to ask, didn't you? " "Yes.". But Jonah was married. Are you sure you don't mind? Moran solemnly reminded her. I know this, the whole world knows, ha ha, that's nothing, as long as my brother doesn't mind, I don't care. No wonder my brother has been telling me lately that he likes little widows. It was Jonah. Ha ha ha Zheng Bing laughed again. It seemed that she really liked Jonah, which made Moran feel relieved and happy. Did you get in touch with your brother? Gao Jing suddenly asked Zheng Bing. Zheng Bing immediately stopped laughing and shook his head. I haven't been able to reach him. "Have you contacted his brother?" "I contacted them, but they didn't know. He told them to wait for his instructions, and then there was no follow-up." Zheng Bing looked dignified. Is he not at home? Moran was worried, too. No, I've been there a few times, but there's no one, and the neighbors say they haven't seen him. When Zheng Bing said this, he could not help sighing deeply, "The dead one has been with him for many years, and they have deep feelings." Where did the man die? Gao Jing asked. The Mass Interest Bar in District F. "A bar for the benefit of the masses?" Moran thought the name was familiar. It was a stronghold of their gang. This time the police raided it. They were going to arrest people, but the operation failed and they were ambushed. Everyone said there might be a mole in the police station, so now everyone feels insecure. That's why my brother doesn't want to disclose it. Zheng Bing looked at the coffee in front of him and said. A bar for the benefit of the masses in District F? Moran suddenly remembered, "My brother-in-law Ji Xiaoqiang died there, too!"! He was a narco,best whirlpool tub, and they went to catch people, but they didn't catch them, and they were ambushed! Looks like there really is a mole. "Where did Ji Xiaoqiang die?" Gao Jing was also surprised.