Fancy Counterattack Male God Scheme of Quick Wear

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He has a pair of eyes infected with love/desire,Walking measuring wheel, with a strong possessive desire, easily flowing out. Xu Nuan moved his lips, but he didn't say anything. Young master. Xu Ruyi put his arm around his neck. "Do you want it?" "Yes?" He pau

Because these paintings all have a soul, he doesn't want them to be commercial. For some people who really like it, Xu Nuan will take the initiative to give it to them without receiving any money. In this way, he is actually more famous. Xu Nuan's income is good, and they bought a house here to settle down. What Xu Ruyi does every day is to take care of his daily life as before. However, he no longer only let her pay unilaterally. When cooking, Xu Nuan would stop his brush and work with her in the kitchen. They managed the home together and made it colorful. Young master. Xu Ruyi stood on the windowsill, looking at the tender green branches and buds on the trees outside. Xu Nuan came over and gently hugged her back. Encircle her petite and exquisite body in her arms. You see, spring is coming. She said softly, then turned to look at the man behind her. Xu Nuan did not hesitate to hold her small mouth and gently grind it. Then he said in a dumb voice, "Ruyi, marry me.." The man in his arms was obviously stupefied. "Young master?" Marry me and be my bride. To have two children with me. This is what we agreed before. "Mmm." She nodded gently. At this moment, Xu Nuan's heart finally found a home. He will no longer be confused, will not wander restlessly in the endless night. Because she is around, everything becomes beautiful. [System prompt: The man's favorable rating is 20, the current favorable rating of the host is 100, and the favorable rating of the little Cher is 0. Host, you are great, congratulations on the completion of the task, scatter flowers ~] "Beep-mission completed, about to leave the body of the original owner,Fiberglass tape measure, is copying memory.." "Host, this mission accumulates 8000 points (Eh?"? This task is very good, unexpectedly did not let this system help. ? 5 attribute points. Attribute points continue to be added to your intelligence. Name: Xu Ruyi Age: 16 Appearance: 95 (100 out of 100) Figure: 95 (out of 100) Intelligence: 95 out of 100 Constitution: 90 (100 full marks) Glamour: 90 out of 100 Specialty: smooth skin (permanent) Props: Sweet Voice (permanent), Carry-on Space (upgradeable), Soul Contract (bound). Special Skills: Top Chef (permanent), Language Proficiency (permanent), All-round Piano Skills (permanent); Martial Arts Champion (permanent); Master Swimmer (perpetual); Textile Proficiency (perpetual); photographic memory (perpetual). Points: 80600 1923. No Chapter 1923 young master sweet side story 1. That day, there was a spring rain in the night. Early in the morning, Xu Ruyi found a nest of birds blown down from the tree and stuck between the branches. Young master. She was a little anxious. "These baby birds are so poor. Let's send them home." Xu Nuan nodded. Instead of reaching for the ladder, he lifted her up. Ah Xu Ruyi was surprised. "Young master, what are you doing?" Xu Nuan's face was soft. "Go up." Just as they had taken snow from the branches before, Horse weight lbs ,Fish measuring board, he took her and let her sit on his shoulder. Xu Ruyi blushed, "young master, I seem to have gained some weight." One winter, she will grow some meat on her body. Unable Xu Nuan said calmly, "just right." That's what he likes. I still remember that day when she took off her clothes and let herself draw her. At that time, Xu Nuan felt that she was too thin. So he would deliberately let her eat more, and it was just right for her to gain weight. Now, her little face is plump and shiny, and her curves are still exquisite. Sometimes, at night, he couldn't help touching her. That's a good feeling! Xu Ruyi sat carefully on his shoulder and reached out to take down the bird's nest. Young master, I've got it. She said up there. Take it off first. Xu Nuan opened his mouth and carefully let her go to the ground. They first checked whether the birds were injured, and then set up a ladder to send them back. Xu Ruyi gently poked the plush baby bird with his finger, and his eyes were a little reluctant. Young master, they are so cute! "That's a baby bird." "I know, but I can't bear to part with it." There was a layer of attachment in her eyes. "It's so cute." Xu Nuan's invariable face has a trace of imperceptible radian. He leaned over her ear and whispered, "Well, let's have a few more …" A baby of your own. Xu Ruyi suddenly blushed, "Young master, you are so bad!" Have learned to molest her! Xu Nuan is indissoluble, "bad?" What is bad? He reached out and put his hand on her waist. "Is that so?" "No!" Reached his hand in. "So." "No!" Touching her smooth skin, "still like this?" "Young master.." It itches, don't move! She giggled. Xu Nuan liked the way she smiled, and a big hand continued to probe in, "or, like this?" He just wanted to tease her, but he didn't think that the girl's tender body was too attractive. In order to get away, her soft body rubbed back and forth against him. For a moment, his breathing became rapid. Xu Nuan couldn't control himself and hugged her. Young master. Hello Before Xu Ruyi had finished speaking, he was picked up in the air. Xu Nuan took her back to her room. Lock the door and stride forward. He put her on the bed and leaned down. "Let me kiss you," he said eagerly. Said, Xu Nuan a pair of soft lips on the cover. At first, she could kiss her gently and softly, and then it swept her whole mouth directly. The room warmed up in an instant, and his kiss was so urgent and touching that she could hardly breathe. Moments later, Xu Nuan stopped and gasped over her. He has a pair of eyes infected with love/desire,Walking measuring wheel, with a strong possessive desire, easily flowing out. Xu Nuan moved his lips, but he didn't say anything. Young master. Xu Ruyi put his arm around his neck. "Do you want it?" "Yes?" He paused for a moment. 1924. No Chapter 1924 young master sweet extra 2.