Military goods, power and color

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This is not to think that the situation is not good, it is really because the sound into the secret of this kind of kungfu is too internal force. The sky has gradually become dusk, and the setting sun is like blood.

He is dissolute, dandy, playboy, irascible, well-to-do, and changing women is like changing clothes. Of course, they are also generous to women. If she is not wrong, the little beauty he is carrying tonight, carrying a handbag with a golden border, clearly printed with the LV logo, wearing the latest Paris fashion, wearing a flashing diamond necklace around his neck, is of great value.. He is really generous to women! He always loves women, too! Unfortunately, this is precisely the place where Sun Qing spurned him. It's not that she has sour grapes, but that she really doesn't care. A second-generation ancestor who comes out to play with his family's money, plays with women's feelings and bodies, and calls himself a self-righteous lover? The heart is very disgusted, but, even if Sun Qing has automatically convicted the ruthless, but her character is more gentle, there has been no edges and corners, before the matter is clear, even if He Yizhe was beaten into an injured giant panda, she will not directly scold the ruthless. She called 120 emergency calls and waited for a group of people to leave before she slowly came to the ruthless front. What do you mean? Even if he had offended you somewhere, he wouldn't have hit anyone, would he? He sat on the sofa, glanced mercilessly at He Yizhe, who was curled up on the other side of the sofa, squinted, and put one hand easily on the thigh of the little beauty beside him. He rubbed it slowly. He raised his chin and breathed a sigh of contempt for Sun Qing. I said beauty, don't be ignorant of good and bad? Ask him what he did. Sun Qing frowned and slanted his head to look at He Yizhe without saying a word. Stabbed by her eyes, He Yizhe's face changed,304 Stainless Steel Bar, pale, more bloodless, in a word, said feebly, but very sincere. Xiaoqing, you.. Don't blame your comrades in arms. There was a misunderstanding between us. A little misunderstanding.. Just now Just now Xiaoqing came to pester me again. Then Your comrade-in-arms saw me, so he thought I.. He Yizhe explained things off and on, and made them clear. Sun Qing frowned even more tightly. She probably knows what's going on. He Yizhe is a husband of the First People's Hospital of the city, and his acquaintance with Sun Qing is somewhat coincidental. It's a long story, but it's simple. Sun Qing's mother and He Yizhe's mother are old classmates. When two people were in school, the relationship was quite good. Later, in order to influence the national policy call of "going to the mountains and the countryside", these young intellectuals could not continue to go to university, and they were sent to the countryside to reform through labor, and at the same time they were separated. When the educated youth returned to the city, there was no way to contact each other again. A few days ago, Sun Qing's mother went to the hospital to see a doctor and happened to meet He's mother who was looking for her son. As soon as the two friends, Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet ,Stainless Steel Square Pipe, who had not seen each other for decades, met, they burst into tears and spoke out of tune. This is terrible, and the two old women have something to talk about. It is a woman's nature to talk about her husband and children. Speaking of their own children, they have the idea of getting married. Sun Qing had no chance to meet any other men except his comrades-in-arms in the army these years. Before dating He Yizhe, she had a boyfriend. That was when she first entered the ZMI office, but the two had just talked for less than a month, and the man went to other places because of a special task. Separation is the most powerful killer of feelings, not to mention the budding emotions. Before long, the two people who had lost contact for a long time faded down, and finally, the man called and offered to break up with her peacefully. Sun Qing had no objection to this. At that time, the feelings were not too deep, and the matter was over. He Yizhe's situation was also told to her by her mother. He's mother also retired from that hospital. At that time, He Yizhe was breaking up with his girlfriend Cao Yuqing not long ago. Together, they let their son and daughter have a popular fake blind date. The two families had a meal together, and after that, He Yizhe began to pursue Sun Qing. Sun Qing, 27 years old, is an older unmarried woman. It's definitely not easy to be of marriageable age without a boyfriend. Every time she came home, she was urged by relatives and friends, and teased by friends holding children, but she could not find the right person, and there was no way. When she came into contact with He Yizhe, she was encouraged by both parents at first. Later, she felt that he had a good character and was highly praised by colleagues and patients in the hospital. Although they did not have a vigorous love, he was indeed a suitable marriage partner. So, see the right eye, two people will be on the object. Of course, at her age, she would not have much hope for love. Just as Zhan Se once calculated her physiognomy, she is conservative, satisfied with the status quo, pays attention to etiquette and righteousness, and will not easily believe in love, but as long as the emotional things are stable, she will be more persistent and do not want to change any more. Therefore, she is basically satisfied with He Yizhe. Moreover, He Yizhe also respected her and did not ask her about her past, but before falling in love with her, he voluntarily confessed his personal problems. He has talked about two girlfriends, and that Cao Yuqing is his former girlfriend, who is also a little nurse in the same department. They had been in love for two years before, but when they were about to get married, he realized that he had been cuckolded. Cao Yuqing was a restless woman, and when she was in love with him, she was ambiguous with two other men at the same time. Such feelings, naturally, can no longer be maintained, breaking up has become inevitable. However, he did not expect that when he learned that he had talked with Sun Qing, Cao Yuqing had a neuropathy attack, and she would use her work to entangle He Yizhe, for a very simple reason. Her first time was given to He Yizhe,Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe, and she wanted him to be responsible to the end. He Yizhe had just given an intermittent account of the last paragraph. Hearing this, Sun Qing sighed in his heart and did not know what to say. Entanglement or something. The most irritable. No matter what he Yizhe thought, she didn't want to be wronged for no reason.