Bulk Collagen Type II

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Bulk Collagen Type II INTRODUCTION [Product Name]: Native Type II Collagen [Specifications]: Used in food, health food and medicine manufacturing [Particle Size]: 100 Mesh [Source]: Chicken cartilage,Fish cartilage [Ingredients]: Protein鈮?0%, Mucopolysaccharide鈮?6%, [Properties]: White to off white powder, Slightly salty, Odorless, Hygroscopicity. This product is hydrophilic, insoluble in acetone, ethanol and other organic solvents. [Packaging]: 25kg each drum [Shelf-life]: 3 years [Storage]: Stored in tightly closed containers at room temperature in a clean, dry, ventilated warehouse, prevent against moisture and sunshine. [RD Dosage Form]: Tablet, hard capsule, solid granule, ointment, oral drinks. [Research Application]: Research and product development of drugs, health food and functional food in orthopedic field such as osteonecrosis, osteoporosis, degenerative arthritis, rheumatic arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and so on. OUR ADVANTAGES 1. What's Your Technical Advantage? With low-temperature patent technology, obtained the Chinese invention patent. 2. Why Choose Us? As an exclusive Native Type II Collagen supplier in China. Since 2004, we have been devoted to the scientific experimental research and formulation product development of the application of Native Type II Collagen in the prevention and treatment of joint bone diseases. 3. Do You Have Any Experiment? We did functional experiment, animal experiment, clinical experiment in-vitro anti-inflammatory experiment, cell culture experiment, stability test and toxicology experiment etc. of Native Type II Collagen. And published relevant paper. 4. What Is The Difference Between Native Type II Collagen And Glucosamine? The Glucosamine has the effect of promoting blood circulation, removing blood stasis, reducing inflammation and analgesia, but it cannot fundamentally solve the problem of bone disease. Our Native Type II Collagen can repair cartilage tissue and promote the regeneration of cartilage tissue, so as to fundamentally solve the degenerative bone diseases. 5. What Certificates Do You Have? We鈥檝e ISO, GMP, FDA, HACCP, HALAL cert. etc. FAQ 1. What鈥檚 the Minimum Order Quantity of your product? The MOQ of our Native Type II Collagen is 25kg. 2. How to get sample? We can provide 50-100g free sample. 3. How long is the lead time? Commonly, the lead time is within 7 days after payment. 4. How about the gross weight for each drum? The gross weight is 27.5kg per drum. 5. Therapeutic Range? Osteonecrosis, Osteoporosis, Degenerative Arthritis, Rheumatic Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis. 6. Is Native Type II Collagen GMO? Our product is Non-GMO. 7. What's the dosage of Native Type II Collagen? 1)For Osteoarthritis : 600mg per day; 2)For Osteoporosis: 1500mg per day; 3)For Osteonecrosis of the Femoral Head: 2000mg per day. 8. Does your product contain any antibiotics? Our product doesn鈥檛 contain any antibiotics.Bulk Collagen Type II website:http://www.collagenii.com/collagen-type-ii/