Unify the Three Kingdoms

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Little crab squints,Magnesium Oxide price, little Tyrannosaurus wakes up! He put down his feet and leaned close to Qin Yangshu's drip tube. "I said, why is it so slow?" As he spoke, he began to speed up the drip.

He said that Bo was in Jiangxia, and when he heard that Xu Huang had taken advantage of the snow to break Ya Jiang, he was surprised and said, "It seems that Cao Cao will come soon." Jia said, "The matter is urgent.". Can make cloud long, Lu Zijing Huai, Xu's soldiers, out of Ying and take Runan, divide the force, make hold not south Gu. We are here to take Jiangling as soon as possible as a barrier to the east of the river in the future. "Good!" Said Bo. So he ordered Yunchang to control the military forces of Huai and Xu, and approached Runan. And leave Ding Fengshou Xiakou, Bo and the people led the army fifty thousand, to take Jiangling. He said that Kongming was recuperating in Jiangling, and was recovering day by day. The men of the armed forces had food, the horses had food, and the fighting power was gradually restored. When he heard that the Bo army had come again, he gnashed his teeth and hated it. He said to Liu Bei, "Now I swear to avenge my past!" "That's true," said Bei, "but how can you win?" Zhuge Liang said, "The former's repeated defeats were not the crime of war. They were all due to the fact that the people of Cai Mao and Zhang Yun were jealous of the virtuous and capable. They repeatedly gave me food and grass and refused to help me. This led to their defeat.". Today there is a big childe microbloggers here, can make QiXiuShu tune YiYang, PingChun, Maicheng three military forces to help, lying in the west of JingLing to hit FangBo middle road; and please Liu Jingsheng make Cai Zhang two will hold Zhou Lang army, we are here with the army is the soldier hit, Bo can be captured! Bei said, "This theory is deeply in line with the art of war, and it is the right path for a gentleman."! But I'm afraid Cai and Zhang are no match for Zhou Lang. Kongming said, "The army of Jingzhou is several times that of the enemy. Even if it is defeated, there is no reason for it to be defeated." Be prepared, one side repair book to end, one side under the pass village, to fight Fang Bo. But when Zhou Yu was in Zaoyang, it was reported that Guo Jia had written in calligraphy. When Yu had finished reading the book, he laughed and said, "Guo Fengxiao really knows me." Life zhaoyun to, teach so so. Said cai Zhang two people get Liu table strictly, life quick Zhou Lang, and teach Wang Wei led ten thousand soldiers to help. Two people to discuss the discussion, to fight Zhou Lang. Life tardif for the front, out of the camp challenge. And mercy out, Zhou Yu camp in the deep ditch high base, the village gate closed. For three days in a row, Yu Jun just didn't fight. Cai Mao was so anxious that he said to Ci, "Don't ask about what is short and what is long. If he doesn't fight again tomorrow, he will go to the camp to help Fang Bo.". So Ziyi can seize the enemy village! Kindness takes orders. The next day came to challenge again, and Yu closed the door again. Kindness then life army straight take Yu village. Jingzhou charger, move antlers, straight into the village, not a person. "Did you secretly withdraw your troops to help Fang Boye?" Asked Tzu. Before he had finished speaking, there was a sound of clappers, and a tiger army horse came out. He was the first general,Magnesium Sulphate producer, and Yue Ma held out his spear. He shouted, "Zhao Zilong of Changshan is here!" "When Tzu saw Zhao Yun, he was greatly alarmed, saying," It was Zhou Lang's plan to lure the enemy. " Urgent withdrawal of troops. The cloud does not chase. Ci Gui told Cai Mao, who was greatly suspicious, saying, "Do you doubt the plan of war?" Is thinking, suddenly listen to the opposite Jiangdong village in the golden drum hubbub, Wu frightened, thought to rob the camp. When Fang and Ci mounted the horse, the drums had stopped. He ordered the three armed forces to return to their respective positions. At dusk, the sound of the drums rose again, and the tortoise did not know the actual situation, so it was ordered to be on guard, and it was a false alarm. So several times a day, the army is restless. Tardif is not angry, led the army to take the village of Yu, and see Yu camp on both sides of the col, there is a flag in and out, like an ambush, big doubt in the heart, thought it was a plan, dare not move. So for ten days in a row, I don't know Zhou Yu. Ci Mi consulted with his general, saying, "The master usually treats us well.". This master and Fang Bo decisive battle at the gates of Jiangling, Magnesium Oxide powder ,Magnesium Oxide price, I as a general, unexpectedly only trapped in this, can't help master, not her husband! You can follow me tonight to break into the enemy camp, if the plan of Zhou Lang, to die for the grace of the tetrarch is, also not a man in vain! The crowd promised with a bang. So tardif since led the headquarters of two thousand people to take Yu village, the army to kill will go in, but is empty village, only dozens of old army, beat the drum every day, Jingzhou warhorse; Tardif and led to break the col in the ambush, a only thirty people, all false flag, cheat ambush. Ci interrogated him and told him, saying, "The army of the viceroy of Zhou has been in the direction of Jingling for many days.". General Zhao Zilong's military forces, but five hundred people, the day before yesterday also caught up with the viceroy of Zhou! When Ci heard this, he fell to his feet and said, "He has fallen into Zhou Yu's trick."! So the master is in danger! Or, "You may report to the two generals, Tsai and Chang, as soon as possible." "The matter is urgent," said Tzu! Don't you hear that reinforcements are like putting out a fire? Is sent to know cai, pretending to lead the army to JingLing aid, since the introduction of the charger, the starry night to save Liu Bei. But when Cai Mao was rewarded by Taishi's kindness, he was both happy and worried. He secretly said to Zhang Yun, "Liu Xuande has come to an end." Two people secretly pleased. Since the army, slowly, cast JingLing. Said Liu Bei, Kongming and Fang Bo army meet. Two pairs of circles. Kongming shouted, "Who among the generals can come forth to avenge the past?" Yan Liang and Wen Chou obeyed loudly and stood out together with their swords. Bo array Xu sheng, Seibel fight together, to fight two will. But after ten rounds of fighting, the two generals were defeated and returned. Fang Bo wielded a sledgehammer against Yan Liang and Wen Chou. Liu Bei said to the generals, "Fang Bo is not easy to win." Teach Huang Zhong, Wei Yan, Zhang He, Gao Lan together, six will attack Fang Bo together. Although Bo is brave, he can't stop driving, and he will be defeated by flattery. The bore is clear to wave the army to kill the past. Bo Jun was defeated. Wei Yan hurried to Kongming Ma Qian, saying, "Don't pursue the military adviser lightly. I see that although his army is defeated, the flag and the ranks are not disorderly. I am afraid it will be a trick to lure the enemy." Kongming said with a smile, "What Wen Chang has seen is exactly the same as what I have seen. I have already made a calculation. Why should I be afraid of an ambush?"! The public can work hard to win, rest and teach Fang Bo to walk away! So Jingzhou charger, momentum, together to kill will come over, Bo army defeat. After five miles, suddenly heard a drum, gan ningbei to kill. Kongming laughed on the horse and said, "As I expected, this is an ambush on all sides."! Why is it so strange? Teach Wei Yan to lead soldiers to live, the army pursued Fang Bo. This compartment Wei army spread out, gan Ning can't display, instead of the system. And several miles, Ling Tong led soldiers fight, the bore is clear when Zhang; and after several miles, the army will be to JingLing, shout around the sound of killing, left tracing the cause, right with Zhang Fei, fight together, Fang Bo also army back, around is Jiangdong warhorse. Kongming laughed and said, "Guo Fengxiao, although you can calculate, how can you do what I expect?" Words did not finish, the northeast ShaSheng earthquake, smoke and dust, but is Liu table from the son corps commander Liu Pan Liu table book, led the soldiers of the three cities such as Yiyang ten thousand people, according to Kongming meter in JingLing, let the Fang Bo army, hit ZhongJun in one fell swoop, Jiangdong army was in chaos. Liu Bei was overjoyed, saying, "After all, the strategist is superior." In the midst of the chaos, Kongming shouted,potassium sulphate fertilizer, "The place of decisive battle is right here. Why don't you fight with all your strength?" Jingzhou warhorse, overwhelming. Bo army to see the enemy, retreat also have no way. stargrace-magnesite.com