Goddess of Blood-Chen Qingyun _ txt Novel Paradise

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Little crab squints,Magnesium Oxide price, little Tyrannosaurus wakes up! He put down his feet and leaned close to Qin Yangshu's drip tube. "I said, why is it so slow?" As he spoke, he began to speed up the drip.

The momentum of this brush. He used the supreme skill of Buddhism, the "Prajna Powerful Divine Skill", but when he saw that the wind was surging like waves, he whirred and rolled up. Xia Jiang's body flew up, and the true power of the inner family had been swept away. He suddenly felt the internal force of the other side, rolling in. Xia Jiang was secretly frightened, and his right hand suddenly split out. Xia Jiang at this time, deliberately desperate, this palm out, with its lifelong skill, only to hear a loud bang, Xia Jiang heart like a hammer, pedaling back ten steps, just take Chun stand firm! "Jade swallow" was taken aback, after the hurricane, but saw that the monk a fat body was also shocked by the Xia River and fell out, spilling a mouthful of blood, fell to the ground. The people present were startled! This monk is one of the peerless masters of the Shaolin Sect. His skill is more than eighty years old. How can he make Xia Jiang spit blood and fall to the ground? How can it not be surprising. Little did they know that Xia Jiang had taken the medicine of "the ghost in the ghost", and his skill had increased to more than a hundred years. Although the monk had eighty years of skill, there was still a difference of twenty years between him and Xia Jiang. It was also the monk who underestimated the enemy too much. Otherwise, he would not have used his internal force to fight hard, resulting in injuries and falling to the ground. He suffered a great loss. This slap startled the whole audience, and the eleven disciples of the six schools standing on one side all changed their faces and gave a cold war at the same time. Xia Jiang repeatedly breathed a few breaths of air, then smiled coldly and rushed to the door, followed by "Jade Swallow",Magnesium Oxide MgO, ready to go. At that moment, a thin little monk stepped forward and shouted, "Almsgiver, your skill is really amazing. You have knocked down my Third Elder Martial Brother with one hand. You are so talented that you would like to learn from him." Words fall, block the way. Xia Jiang's eyes suddenly glowed. "Do you want to die?" He shouted. "Life and death are in heaven, but it's the benefactor." Xia Jiang could not bear it any longer. With a loud shout, he split his palm at "Juechen". Xia Jiang a palm split out, Juechen figure flash, avoid Xia Jiang a palm,Magnesium Oxide MgO, convenient shovel in Juechen flash, anti-sweep. This flash out, almost with a person within the time, Xia Jiang can not think of each other's skill so fast, immediately found that the dust convenient shovel has been swept. Xia Jiang at this time, the killing heart suddenly, the body floated up, the convenient shovel of the dust, is sweeping from his feet. At first, I heard Xia Jiang shout loudly, "Take my hand." With a shout, he made a move of "hungry and decadent food" and grabbed his head. Its potential disease is like a flash of lightning, the convenient shovel of the monk Juechen failed, because of too much force, for a while, unexpectedly stand unstable, and Xia Jiang's palm, magnesium nitrate hexahydrate ,calcium nitrate sol, has been hit by the head. A scream The faces of all the people present changed, and the scream not only shocked the hearts of the disciples of the nine sects present, but also added a sense of terror to the calm castle. At the sound of screams, the body of the monk fell down, his eyes crossed, but he saw a head, which had been smashed by Xia Jiang. Xia Jiang, with a fierce look in his eyes, swept the ten men standing in the doorway and snapped, "If you don't get out of the way, I'll kill you all." The voice was full of terror, and he walked step by step to the gate of the castle. At this moment A white-haired Taoist priest came out with his chest out, but when he saw him holding a long sword in his hand, he said, "Your Excellency can kill the monk Juechen. Your martial arts are impressive. However, your hand is too vicious. We are ordered by the Supreme Venerable to prevent anyone from entering the castle. This matter has nothing to do with us. Your mastery of the Buddhist disciples is abhorrent. No one can do it." I'd like to learn something. Xia Jiang smiled coldly and said, "Great!" As soon as his words fell, he waved his sword of "Dust" and made a move to "see the guest off a thousand miles away". This "Yichenzi" was an outstanding disciple of the Wudang Sect. He found that two monks of the Shaolin Sect were killed or wounded in the hands of Xia Jiang. Therefore, as a lesson from the past, he used the "72-style earth-shaking sword" method of the Wudang Sect. The school of Wudang dominates the martial arts world with its swordsmanship. Its swordsmanship is not only amazing, but also strong in softness and soft in firmness. "Yichenzi" used the supreme swordsmanship of Wudang Sect, from which we can imagine how they estimated Xia Jiang. The sword is continuous, which is the enemy of the internal force of the two monks of Shaolin Sect just now, but it can't be said at the same time! The summer river for a while, by a dust son of the endless, the potential is like the swordsmanship of turning over rivers and seas, the cage back, dangerous! This made the "Jade Swallow" standing on one side pinch a cold sweat for him. A glance, a dust son has attacked fifty strokes! Seeing this, Yu Feiyan suddenly shouted, "Stop!" "Jade swallow" in the sound of drinking, a ray of cold light, his sword, has been split out. With a clanging sound, "Yichenzi" suddenly felt a shock in his heart. His right hand was sore and numb. The sword in his hand was bounced back by the other side. Yu Feiyan shook his sword and said to Xia Jiang with a smile, "Brother Xia, you can give it to me for a while." "Yichenzi" smiled coldly and said, "It would be nice for you to have this pleasure." "Jade swallow" in the hands of a long sword shake, shout loudly, a sword to attack the "dust son." Yichenzi said, "Seeing that the opponent's sword is not only fast, but also under the sword, it seems to hide countless subtle changes." Yichenzi is an outstanding disciple of Wudang Sect. He knows all kinds of swordsmanship very well, but the sword of the young man in white makes him unable to see which school it is. In the mind of "Yichenzi", he made a sword to "close the door and refuse guests", which was hard to seal the oncoming force. However, the swordsmanship of "Yufeiyan" was suddenly scattered when the opponent just made a move. "Yichenzi" was surprised and took a step back. " The speed of the figure of "Yufeiyan" was almost the same as the swordsmanship. When "Yichenzi" retreated, it was like a strange smoke. It had already deceived "Yichenzi" and struck another sword. Also in the "Jade Swallow" to attack the sword again, Xia Jiang shouted, like a Qiaoyan strong body to the castle gate, shot out a palm. Xia Jiang figure Fang Ziqiang, standing at the door of several six school disciples, drink, at the same time push the palm, hit Xia Jiang. These peerless masters jointly shot,Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer, not to mention Xia Jiang can not afford to pick up, is the "supreme venerable" himself, I am afraid it can not stop the rolling palm. stargrace-magnesite.com