Beg the devil

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He Su Shen half catches half blocks, the danger only then stopped, "this thing has to be iced in summer to be delicious,Automated warehouse systems, you wait?" Yongjiao licked her lips and still did not give up. "Just a little, just a little, okay?

In Tianlan's hand, she was holding a wooden slip that was no longer burning. The wooden slip broke with a bang and turned into a piece of black ash, floating in front of her. In the black ash, an illusory figure appeared. It was Zhou De in the southern war zone. Three, Zhou Mou has a performance here, invite three to have a look! A very simple sentence, after finishing, Zhou De's figure disappeared. Hearing this, the old man in the northern war zone frowned and looked to the south. As for Tianlan You, he ignored it and still stood in place, paying attention to his own war zone and issuing a cruel seal. Also heard the words from Zhou De's wooden slips, as well as the western war zone, which is closest to Tianlan City and can be said to have obtained the most complete guarantee of security. In the western war zone, as the commander in chief, the same is a woman, she is Tianlan dream, as Tianlan city, she and her sister, must be the commander in chief, to face the war that will spread for many years. Around her, the existence of those barbarian hunters, there are many from the cold, but these people, Su Ming has not seen, they do not seem to come from the ice, but in another way, came to this battlefield, guarding around the dream of Tianlan. Tianlanmeng calmly looked at the dissipated figure of Zhou De in front of her, and her eyebrows wrinkled slightly. Unlike her sister's coldness, Tianlanmeng put her eyes on the south. At the same time, she raised her right hand in front of her, and immediately there was a flash of crystal light, which condensed into a curtain of light in front of her, which twisted for a moment and gradually became clear, reflecting the whole southern war zone. As Tianlan Meng's eyes swept over the light curtain, she saw at a glance that in the southern war zone, there was a place that was obviously different, where there seemed to be a group of hundreds of people, who were connected to each other, like a whole, and were fighting. Compared with the clutter in other places, this team looks very conspicuous. Tianlanmeng calmly raised his right hand and nodded in the air at this position on the light curtain. As she pointed out,industrial racking systems, the southern war zone on the light curtain was constantly enlarged, and in the process of its enlargement, countless scenes of barbarian and sorcery fighting flashed quickly, and finally fixed on a small battlefield in the southern war zone. This is a team of nearly 500 people, they move forward like the wind, cooperate with each other very tacitly, and there is an indescribable momentum in this team. Is this the team that Zhou De let me see? Tian Lan Meng's eyes swept over the light curtain, observing everyone in the team. As she looked, she raised her right hand a little again. This time, the picture on the light curtain was enlarged again as it moved, heading straight ahead. A moment later, in the picture, the peak of the team appeared. There, there was a figure, full of lightning, flashing blue light, like a God of war. Rush to kill and go. It is the presence of this person that makes this team indomitable! At the moment of seeing this figure, Tianlan's eyes suddenly opened wide, her breathing subconsciously had a rush, her right hand quickly raised, directly on the screen on the light curtain, the body of the God of war. The picture expands in an instant, High Density Storage Drive In Rack ,shuttle rack system, at this moment on the picture of this light curtain, there is only one person, Su Ming! Su Ming is there, walking like the wind! A long purple hair fluttering, a blood-colored gown dancing, that familiar appearance, let Tianlan dream in a moment, the corners of the mouth showed a smile. He I'm back. Tianlanmeng's eyes, always looking at Su Ming on the light curtain, watching, watching. At this moment, noticed Su Ming, not only the three commanders of the four war zones, but also the people in the city of Tianlan, also looked at Su Ming. On the wall of Lancheng that day, there were seven or eight old men, whose eyes were now focused on the southern war zone, looking there. Zhou De let us see, should be this son! "This son's will is very strong, is it possible that Zhou De wants to launch a will-based way of fighting in the southern war zone he commands?" "Look at it, he is confident to let us see, which shows that there is still some certainty.". ” "Quench the will on the battlefield, this is not a new thing, my barbarian hunters is like this, but only a few people can do this, it is impossible to let others do the same, Zhou De this matter, I am not optimistic." At this moment, as Su Ming expected, they are going to perform this performance, the audience in addition to Zhou Shuai, there are other people, perhaps this other people are still not many, but perhaps, slowly. More and more people will pay attention to this time. Gorgeous performance! In the southern war zone, Su Ming took a step fiercely, and the blue light outside his body flashed. In the roar of the small sword, Su Ming raised his right hand, took his hand as a knife, and cut three times in three directions. Chop three evil spirits, kill in Tai Sui! The so-called three evil spirits, also known as three kills! Between heaven and earth, the absolute fetus raises the three sides, absolutely for the plunder evil spirit, the fetus for the disaster evil spirit, raises for the year evil spirit! It can also be called the three techniques of robbery and killing, disaster killing and year killing! A cut plunder, cut disaster again, the second cut year side, three evil spirits cut together, such as the dragon shrink empty! This behead three evil spirits, Su Ming in this battlefield after using several times faintly found that if this art alone fighting power is somewhat insufficient, but in this battlefield, it can play a miraculous effect! And with his present cultivation, he can already do it, three evil spirits cut together! "Battlefield, the beginning of all chaos!" Su Ming's eyes flashed as he stepped, and the blade of his right hand fell for the first time. As soon as the plunder came out, a wave invisible to the naked eye spread crazily around Su Ming as the center. In many people's eyes, the war is mainly based on victory, but in terms of the pattern, it is based on robbery! War, doom! The reason why the art of chopping three evil spirits has a miraculous effect here is not because I have a deeper understanding of this art, but because the pattern here makes the power of chopping three evil spirits doubled! Su Ming's eyes flashed, and after a palm fell from the void, the ripples spread, and the people of the sorcery clan around them,radio shuttle racking, who were covered by the ripples spread, trembled strangely one by one, such as shivering.