Song Xingzhi lived during the reign of Emperor Huizong.

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He Su Shen half catches half blocks, the danger only then stopped, "this thing has to be iced in summer to be delicious,Automated warehouse systems, you wait?" Yongjiao licked her lips and still did not give up. "Just a little, just a little, okay?

According to He Sushi, the present empress has a son who is three years old, but the prince is the son of Ye Guifei in the palace. After the empress gave birth to a child, the forces of that faction came together to support the three-year-old child to ascend the throne, but many ministers in the court refused, saying that since ancient times, the elder was not the younger, and that the prince's conduct was good, so he was the best candidate for the succession ceremony. Because Huizong had never spoken, the people of the empress's party had always had hope, so the two factions were fighting fiercely at present. He Fu just stood in the prince's line, and Liu's father was Liu Guozhang's younger brother and the queen's uncle. Chapter 34 Dessert. A The propagandist function has been opened. What are you waiting for? Hurry up and join!!! "A lot of people know about it. What's the rumor?" Yongjiao blinked her eyes and said, "This kind of thing, even the servants sometimes talk about it, why are we afraid?" …… What kind of world.. Can you discuss politics at will? Strange feeling. Yongjiao wiped the sweat on the tip of her nose with a veil and said, "melon seeds, what do you think is good to eat now?"? I always want to eat,metal racking systems, but I'm a little tired of eating in the house. Didn't you just have a bowl of iced plum soup? Want to eat again? Su Shen laughed. Speaking of food, it reminds her of the desserts she used to like very much. Those things are easy to make and taste very good. She thought about it and asked, "Does the rabbit like snacks?" Of course I do! Melon seeds, aren't you saying something useless?! Yongjiao's eyes lit up. Can we cook something for ourselves? She was a little excited to come to the first show of cooking in ancient times. Although her cooking was very bad, she might be able to make something new. Do it yourself? But things in the kitchen are dirty, and Mammy will scold us when she knows it. Yongjiao is a little conative, but still cautious. We're not doing it ourselves. Let someone help us do it. Let's just talk about it. How about it? Her low-key abduction,automated warehouse systems, as expected, Yongjiao could not help but nod frequently, "What do we do ourselves?"? Do you make snacks? The weather is so hot now, why don't we get something cool and sour to eat? Shall we make sour plum soup? I always want to eat it, but Mammy always says it's not good and won't let me eat more. Sour plum soup. Didn't you just drink a bowl. He Su thought for a moment, what can you eat in summer? Tortoise Ling Paste? No way! I'm not from Wuzhou, I can't do it. (What a far-fetched reason..) Fruit smoothies? No, this is more difficult, and Mammy knows that she eats such cold food, she must be talking for a long time. Bean jelly? Not to mention, it used to be done by boiling the instant boxed powder. Although we know that there is a kind of thing called bean jelly seeds, which can be used to squeeze and rub bean jelly, pallet rack shelving ,warehouse storage racks, it is extremely difficult, and we don't know if we can find the raw materials. Chilled wine juice? This is a good thing. The wine made by my aunt is not sour and sweet. Old people can drink five or six cups. Well, it's like peeling grapes, then putting them into a glass bottle, one layer of grapes and one layer of rock sugar, adding as much sugar as you like, then sealing them and leaving them in a cool place for a month. When she thought of the taste of wine, she was very excited. "Rabbit, shall we make wine and drink it?" Wine? Are you crazy about the heat? Yongjiao looked her up and down. "How could Mammy let us drink that?"? Besides, why do you want to brew it? Isn't there one in the house? "No, it's different from the wine in the house. It's the same wine as grape juice. It's delicious!" "No!" Yongjiao simply voted against it, "where to get grapes now?"? Besides, it takes at least a few months to make wine, right? Not a few months, just a month. She thought so, but she couldn't get the grapes, which was really a problem. She thought for a long time, as if she had caught something. "Rabbit, do you hate milk?" Yongjiao laughed and said she liked it. Can we make double skin milk? Simple, convenient and delicious desserts must be easy to accept and like. Double skin milk? What is it? Why haven't I heard of it? Yongjiao said confusedly. It would be strange if you knew something that only existed in the Qing Dynasty. Unless you're wearing it. She patiently explained, "It's something made of milk and eggs, steamed over water, and it tastes good." "I like milk and eggs!" Yongjiao's eyes were brighter. "Let's do this!" She said strangely, "Where did you hear the melon seeds?"? Why did I never know about this thing? "My brother told me before. He said it was Dad who ate outside and told him it was delicious." He Su Shen smiled sweetly. Believe it. Believe it. Doubt doesn't work. Where are you going to inquire about the prescription from He Ziyuan? This guy has been to the West and served as a collector. It's really strange that you followed him all the way to the West or to a foreign country to find out if there is such a thing. Yongjiao really no longer doubt, urged to do double skin milk. He Sushen rang the bell and asked Dongkui to come in and help. A few little girls carried a small kitchen in the yard, and carried a small milk pot and bowls, chopsticks, plates and spoons. Someone had already gone to the kitchen to hang milk and eggs. Three or four little girls and winter sunflower stood waiting for instructions. It's so cold. I did it in ten minutes by myself. There are so many of you. Do you want to make ten bowls? He Su sank and sent the little girl down, leaving only the winter sunflower. "Yes, pour the milk into a bowl and heat it over the water." "Separate the egg white from the yolk, take the egg white, add rock sugar to the egg white and stir." She saw that the winter sunflower was a little hesitant, so she added, "Stir it as hard as possible." Because the milk was raw, it could only be removed when the temperature was high. Then the skin on the milk was carefully removed. The milk in the bowl and the egg white sugar were mixed together again. The milk skin was covered again and steamed for five minutes. It's done! Yongjiao looked aside for a long time, and when she saw the pure white and delicate cream, she was already itching, and this time she wanted to eat it immediately. He Su Shen half catches half blocks, the danger only then stopped, "this thing has to be iced in summer to be delicious,Automated warehouse systems, you wait?" Yongjiao licked her lips and still did not give up. "Just a little, just a little, okay?" 。