Evil spirit is awe-inspiring

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I haven't decided yet. It should be Tsinghua Academy of Fine Arts. "The Academy of Fine Arts affiliated to Tsinghua University?" "Yes." "Why don't you go to Central America?" 。

But my condition has not improved at all. I have no doubt that if the princess wakes up before me, I'm afraid I'll be in great trouble next. Although I have practiced kungfu, but after all, there is no martial arts novel in the kind of internal skills, as for what internal skills to force poison and other things, but also the novelist's YY. I can only lie beside the bed like a dead dog. Suddenly, I saw a side of the ground, a thing jumped into my line of sight! That's a bottle of water! A bottle of mineral water! The big bottle! Just now the princess took this bottle of water and poured it on the whip, but she only used half of it, and the remaining half was thrown on the ground. I don't know what kind of anesthetic I was given by her, but generally speaking, this cold water should have a little stimulating effect. It's only a glimmer of hope, but it's better than lying here waiting for death! I tried my best, tried to turn sideways, and then moved to the water. Every minute I moved, I almost used all my strength. Finally, the bottle of water was in front of me. Although it was within reach, how could I reach out now? Two arms seem to have thousands of strength, clearly looking at the small plastic bottle in front of me, but I can not even lift a finger. My heart is anxious and angry, anxious is his present state, angry is the princess this crazy woman. At that moment, the princess on the ground seemed to give out a faint groan, and I was startled when I heard it! I knew she was going to wake up soon, and her forehead was sweating. I didn't care much. I tried to bend over, and my head was desperately close to the water bottle. I almost stuck my tongue out, and the tip of my tongue just reached the mouth of the bottle. Although my condition is extremely miserable, my heart is burning with anger! I have only one thought in my mind, once I regain my freedom, I will never forgive this crazy woman easily! Finally, I moved forward a few minutes, my mouth can almost cover the mouth of the bottle,lamella tube, but the problem is, this position, I can not drink a drop of water, I can not put my tongue into the small mouth of the bottle to add water? I suddenly remembered a story I heard when I was a child, called "Crow Drinking Water". Now I am like the poor crow, facing the small bottle mouth, but helpless. The princess next to me moved gently, and I knew that the time before she woke up was getting shorter and shorter! I took a deep breath, opened my mouth and bit the bottle, then turned over as hard as I could. Purr, purr. Ew. I turned the bottle upside down and stuck it in my mouth. The water inside immediately poured into my mouth. It was so fierce that I didn't have time to drink it, but it poured into my nose and lungs, choking me and coughing. At this moment, I had so many scruples that I could only enlarge my throat and pour water desperately. Finally, I could not bear it. As soon as my head tilted, a mouthful of water spurted out of my nose and mouth at the same time. I coughed and gasped as if I had spent the rest of my life in tears, wall penstocks ,Belt Filter Press, and the water spilled on the bed and on my body. But my face is even more ugly, and my mouth is bitter, astringent and salty. And that small half bottle of water poured into the stomach, the stomach suddenly turned upside down general roll up! I feel so uncomfortable that I want to vomit. It turned out that there was no fresh water in the bottle at all. The water is salty, bitter and astringent. I don't know how much salt the princess put in it! Such a half-bottle of saline, which was so thick that it could hardly be melted, was poured into my stomach in such a breath, which immediately made me very uncomfortable! In the mouth, from the esophagus all the way to the stomach, it was as if it was going to spasm! I finally could not bear it, suddenly one side of the head, wow, a liquid from the mouth directly sprayed out! It's like pouring saline into the stomach of a person with food poisoning in a hospital, but the half bottle of saline I drank, which is about half a liter, is much saltier and thicker than the saline used in the hospital for gastric lavage! So the stomach rolled up, suddenly like turning over rivers and seas! I was almost desperate to lie on the edge of the bed and vomit desperately, tonight's food, all turned into the filth in my stomach mixed with the saline that had just been poured in, all spurted out, I vomited repeatedly, as if my whole body was about to collapse! Finally, all the snot and tears were mixed on his face. There was a foul smell in the air, which irritated my nose and made me sick and vomit more happily. From my stomach to my body, I trembled and convulsed, and I didn't know how many swings I had, and gradually I calmed down. I was pleasantly surprised to find that although my body was still weak and my arms were weak, I could control my limbs! Although this feeling, a bit like the feeling of recovering from a serious illness, but the normal action has not been a big obstacle. Surprised in my heart, I gasped for breath for a while, and then gradually waited for myself to recover three points of strength, supporting myself to sit up from the bed. At that moment, the princess on the ground turned over gently, then groaned, sat up slowly, with a painful expression on her face, raised her hand to cover her forehead, and said vaguely in her mouth: "You.." How dare you be mean to me. She raised her eyelids to see me sitting on the edge of the bed, and she was stunned for a moment, with a surprised look in her eyes. But I stood down from the bed, ran to her quickly, grabbed her hair, and slapped her heavily in the face! Pow! The princess was slapped in the face, and immediately several red fingerprints appeared on her cheeks, and half of her face quickly became red and swollen. She shouted as if to resist, but although I only recovered three points of strength, but she can not resist the ground. With one hand, I easily pinched her wrists together and held them high above my head, freeing my other hand to slap her in the face without mercy. The princess was beaten by me, but my heart was like steel at the moment,rapid sand filters, but I was not moved at all. Seeing that a charming face was beaten red and swollen, I had no pity at all. Pointing at her nose, I scolded her: "What a bitch! How could you plot against me with such dirty tricks!" 。 khnwatertreatment.com