Plate Loaded

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Plate Loaded DH034 Barbell Rack
product Introduction
锛?锛?0 pairs racks for convenient storage.
锛?锛塕ubber feet for floor protection.
Product Specification
Product Weight :75 kg
Dimensions :941*912*1511 mm
Color : Customize

Product application
Home and gym;
Commercial equipment is made of high-quality materials and is very durable. Commercial equipment is heavier than household fitness equipment, and its carrying capacity is higher than general fitness equipment.
We provide customers with professional after-sales service, pay attention to various details, and focus on doing a good job in the warranty and maintenance of each after-sales fitness equipment.
Steel cable
7x19+1 strand construction: Twist 7 cables which are constituted of 19 steel ropes around a main steel rope. Plate Loaded