Meat Cutting Machine

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Meat Cutting MachineMeat Cutting Machine

Meat Cutting Machine 1.Introduction Automatic meat cutting machine is suitable for cutting boneless meat and other foods like mustard with elastic, you can cut the meat into slices, are ideal meat processing machinery for hotels, restaurants, canteens, meat processing plants. 2.Features (1) Compact structure, beautiful appearance and easy operation. (2) High efficiency, low power consumption, easy to clean, safe and hygienic. (3) Cut meat even better (4) Environmental protection DC motor Protective cover protection switch High-strength blade 3.Technical Parameters ModelNW-48 Capacity200-300kg/h Power500W Voltage220V 50HZ/110V 60HZ Meat cutting thickness2-20mm Machine size455*305*460mm Weight50kg Blade set1 Piece with machine 4.Details Show 5.Advantages 6.Precautions (1) This machine is fresh meat slicer. It can't cut frozen meat and boned meat to avoid damage to the cutting tool. (2) The length of the meat cut by this machine is not limited, but its width and thickness cannot exceed the parameters. (3) If the knife set is cleaned or installed after cleaning, the hands should not touch the blade to prevent scratches. (4) When the cut piece of meat has rough surface and low efficiency, check whether the blade is in good condition. If there is any defect, you need to replace the blade or contact our company for maintenance and replacement. 7.Cleaning (1)Before cleaning, please ensure that the power plug has been pulled out. (2) Sprinkle water vertically or with a sprinkler, face the feed tray for washing the knife group, but the feed tray can not use water washing (3) Don't have to dismantle the feed tray and guard cover. if you need a large range cleaning, please remove the tray and guard cover, adjust the nut to the left out of the hand on the knife group on both sides of the bracket, and then you can Pull out the knife unit as a whole.(Note: When removing the knife unit, you can not touch the blade to prevent scratches ) (4) After cleaning, you can spray a small amount of oil on the knife unit to increase the lubrication of mechanical parts and play the role of rust.Meat Cutting Machine website: