Indoor LED Display China

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Indoor LED Display ChinaIndoor LED Display China

Indoor LED Display China Pixel pitch 2.976mm Display resolution 84 columns * 84 rows Module size 250mm (W) * 250mm (H) Pixel composition 1R1G1B (three-in-one patch light) LED light model standard 2121 black light (brand optional) Physical pixel density 160000 pixels/m2 Scan mode 1/28 scan Refresh frequency 1000HZ (depending on system configuration) Driver IC Constant current driver IC (standard Macroblock 5124) Gray level greater than 14Bit Display brightness 800-1000cd/m2 Color temperature 5000-10000K (depending on the customer) Module viewing angle Horizontal viewing angle 120掳 Vertical viewing angle 110掳 **Sight distance greater than 2.5m Working voltage DC5V (**4.2V) Power specification 5V/40A (**The amount of loaded modules is 4PCS) Module current 5A **Power consumption 25W/pcs (white balance display) Average power consumption 10W/pcs (normal play video display) Service life 50000 hours Working temperature -10鈩?锝?50鈩?/p Module weight 600g/pcsIndoor LED Display China website: